When we surrender to the journey, to this journey that we chose before ever showing up in these bodies on Earth, the gifts become so profound that every struggle along the way appears an adventure we eagerly embark upon to see what treasures lie on the other side.

This was not always our perspective.  In the depths of pain and suffering we’ve felt along the way we have tried to push our truth aside.  We’ve tried to step back into the world of normal, to fit in with those we loved in another time, to stay small in order to ease the suffering of others, to stay silent in appeasement of an old way of being.  The result of this obstinate behavior was only more pain.  There comes a time when our Soul’s truth can no longer be ignored, when we become literally incapable of faking our way through the nuances of a world and a society that don’t make sense.  It’s in the acceptance of WHO WE REALLY ARE that freedom of the bondage of all that we think we should be is realized.

And then we truly shine.

There is a limitless capacity for light and freedom in every one of us.  It is only our own unworthiness which binds us to suffering, and tethers us to the ground.

For as many beings as there are on the planet, there are paths to the light. Not one is wrong, not one is right.  We find a path, own the path, and surrender to the moment when we’re shown that it’s time for a new path. It is in this flow of becoming of who we are that all of humanity will be set free.  When I am who I am, I give you the freedom to be who you are. When you accept this gift, when you release the need to make me who you want me to be, you give me the same gift in return.

We all have a right to be free, to be in the vibration of alignment with who we are.

In this freedom of being-ness, all conflict is revealed as the expression of fear and shame that it really is. We’re given the opportunity to heal. We are freed from the affliction of victimhood and we own and understand that no one has ever done anything to us.  We’ve chosen every single moment along the way, and we’ve made those choices to give ourselves the opportunity to heal, to take a journey deep into the darkest parts of our soul and see the truth that all darkness is fleeting and so easily eradicated by the light.  The trick is that we must accept the light.

Our own resistance to light comes in a thousand forms of tension… avoidance, aggression, anger, analyzing, grappling, gripping, grasping, guising, reasoning, recounting, refusing, reaching… and on and on and on and on… when the continuation of combating with all that is outside us only keeps our great eye of awareness blind to the truth that all that we put on others is actually in us. And all that’s needed for true and blissful freedom is to come inside, to see that all we are justifying in ourselves as “who we are” is nothing more than a collection of impressions, reactions, templates, and unconscious ideas imparted on us by others, and in the act of surrender it will all evaporate in the blink of an eye, and reveal the blissful being of light at the core of every one of us, the etheric, dynamic, limitless SPIRITS that we all really are.

Blessings for your journey…

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