We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about Indigo and Crystal kids, from parents wanting to know more about their children’s sensitivity, to some Indigo’s showing up at our workshops, to people being brought into our lives with sensitive little ones in tow. More and more of our work is in helping parents upgrade their energy systems in order to be more consciously present for the sensitive souls they have as kids.

We love these kids! They are magical, unique, vibrant, dynamic, and astonishingly self aware and forward thinking. Every encounter with one of them teaches us something profound, and we are so grateful that they’ve come to Earth to show us a new way!

Challenges unique to Indigos and Crystals present in many ways. One in particular we’ve seen shockingly prevalent is challenges to the digestive system that began very early in life from an inability of their incredibly sensitive energy systems to handle the dense emotions and energies present on Earth, whether it’s in a parent, grandparent, or general living situation. The gut holds the Enteric Nervous System (ENT), a historically ignored, but increasingly recognized neural network that some say is even more powerful than the brain. The stress of having energetic sensitivity that’s often incomprehensible to their caregivers, and no way to communicate what they are feeling, leads to density in the ENT and tension and maladaption of the digestive tract

Often these kids see ghosts, feel negative energies, and are aware of subtle dynamics that others can’t see. They might seem overly tentative, anxious, scared to be around other people. They also might show aberrant behavior, acting out instead of going within. They are not crazy! The things they see, experience, and feel are really there, and it’s important that we create a space where they feel comfortable to share without fear of being told they’re wrong or fear of being taken to a doctor or psychologist who will only compound the issue by further forcing these kids into ways that don’t resonate with their Souls.

They will also manifest physical pain in reaction to particularly stressful situations, in reaction to others’ energy, and it can look as though there is something medically wrong. Our collective thinking still does not take into consideration the energetics of experiencing pain that does not require medical intervention, but really only requires a clearing of energy and sometimes a slight change in circumstance or situation, in order for it to be released in moments. (Earlier waves of sensitive souls experience varieties of this too, and we’ll write more about diagnoses like fibromyalgia and other auto immune disorders that are often given to people when western medicine can’t explain what’s going on).

In addition, some of these kids are simply living in bodies that are more evolved than western medicine understands, and so the paradigm of chemically altered nutrients which has been accepted as the ‘norm,’ leads to these kids being labeled with ‘disorders.’ In fact, these kids live in bodies which are designed to live healthy and vibrantly in the paradigm of Earth that we just haven’t arrived in yet.

Often these kids are given medication and forced through treatment protocols that only shut down their sensitivity even more than they naturally did to cope as small children. Then they take on even more maladaptive behaviors because they are made to think there is something wrong with them. All because our society is still expecting from kids a way of being that hasn’t caught up to energetic changes that are really and truly going on in the greater cosmic scheme of things, whether we like it or not.

Many of these kids came here specifically to be the vessels which usher Earth into a new age of consciousness. Often they chose to incarnate into circumstances where they would experience particular vibrations and challenges so that they would have the experience and context to be powerful forces for change in their coming of age.  But they often also have soul agreements with those of us who can see them for who they really are, and we’re in their lives so we can help them through the pieces that are hard.

The truth as we currently see it is that Earth is moving out of a time of great darkness, and into a beautiful and vibrant new age of sensitivity and awareness. We are being called collectively to face our darknesses individually and collectively, to truly take responsibility for all aspects of our selves, and release all entangled, codependent, fear and shame based, blaming, victim, self righteous, and other lower level ways of being.

As it relates to these beautiful souls that have come through us and those around us, it is our responsibility as vibrationally conscious adults is to upgrade our understanding of what is ‘normal,’ what is ‘disease,’ what is ‘disorder,’ and release the need to categorize and pigeonhole what these kids are experiencing through an old paradigm. Let’s release the need to consciously or unconsciously shame a sensitive kid by saying there is something wrong with what they actually experience and feel!  What if people who can tolerate gluten are the ones with the maladaption? What if people whose energy systems are so shut down they can’t experience the feelings of others are the ones who need to change? What if our educational system if still living in an old and ineffective way of dealing with kids?

These sensitive kids are here to help us, they are here to show us a new way. Let’s not shut them down by forcing them to be ‘wrong’, ‘diseased’, or ‘different’ just because they don’t fit into the commonly accepted paradigm of what we understand.  Let’s not make their work any harder than it needs to be.

If you’re new to Indigo’s and Crystals, the internet is full of great resources. Here’s one to get started:  https://www.gaia.com/article/23-ways-to-recognize-crystal-children.


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