Current times are vibrationally chaotic, and if we forget to be in awareness of the collective, we can begin to mistakenly take personally energy that is not really ours. The truth is we are a vibrational collective. “We,” meaning everything… humans, animals, trees, plants, the earth, and all the subtle beings that exist around us. The illusion where we as humans often begin, is believing that we are distinct, individuals, and not connected to the people around us or the environment we live in. As we awaken to more subtle truths, we come to understand our interconnectedness more and more fully. Perhaps we begin to feel the energy of other people, perhaps we realize that time in nature de-charges us, perhaps we come to understand that particular vibrations make us feel better than others. The entry point is different for everyone, and no one path on the journey of awakening is any better or more valuable than another. How boring life on Earth would be if there were a standard template of awakening to follow!  Where is the adventure in that!

At the beginning of the journey of awakening, we can think that we will feel the ecstasy of that first “knowing” forever. We can think we’ve arrived, and that we suddenly know all there is to understand in the universe. For some, it is true that awakening is a sudden lightning bolt experience, for the vast majority of the rest of us, it is something that happens gradually, over time, and is interwoven with challenges that give us the opportunity to learn our soul lessons.  The more we journey toward our subtle truth, the more sensitive we become to energies around us, the more impacted we are by what is going on in the world.

It can feel very scary at times. We say yes to this path, and we may feel wonderful for a while and believe that our lives will only get better and better. Then suddenly something dark comes, and we don’t know what happened! There are many powerful, effective, and precise tools we can use to work through these things, and the gift is that we become more and more powerful along the way.

Clearing our energy fields is an important part of this journey. Often times, physical and emotional pain, negativity, challenging thought patterns, and other suffering we experience are not ours at all. We begin to experience the collective at a personal level, and if we are not aware of what’s ours and what’s not, we can spiral in suffering that is unnecessary.  If we attempt to solve these problems with traditional medicine, we can end up being diagnosed with diseases we don’t have, or taking medication we don’t need.

This does not make us victims!  In fact, our ability to experience collective suffering at the personal level gives us the opportunity to see more clearly, and the corresponding power to clear that energy within ourselves, and to send that vibration of clearing outward. We can become transmitters of healing without ever needing to say a word!

People often ask what “clearing” means. It’s essentially the same as detoxifying the body, however it’s done at the subtle level.

At a high level, our personal energy systems each consist of layers of energy.  The most dense is at the physical layer, correspondent with the body. The etheric layer extends several inches outward of the physical layer.  The emotional layer is next, followed by the mental layer, the buddic layer, the atmic layer, and the galactic layer.  These can be correlated to the koshas described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Within the subtle layers of our aura, we can experience the energies of others, we hold energies from our families and ancestries, we hold energies from past life experiences, we can experience obstructions that are imposed from ourselves and from others. To clear these away, we need only to see that they are there, and ask for them to be removed.  Subtle beings are helpful to work with when clearing our energy fields. Archangel Michael, for example, is wonderfully helpful in general clearing and protection.

As we practice clearing, it will become easier to intuitively feel, see, know, and understand what we are experiencing, and we can begin to interact with our subtle energy fields as intuitively as we would exercise or eat food to help our bodies feel better. When our bodies catch germs and we become sick, we rest, eat well, and support our bodies to heal.  We need only upgrade our awareness and personal power to begin to understand when our energy fields pick up “germs” from others, and stay clear to feel healthy at the subtle level as well.

All wellness is within our reach, we simply need to allow ourselves to be more in tune with our intuition and subtle senses, and learn the tools to navigate the subtle realm with the same finesse we may walk around the physical world!



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