After a year and a half of evolution, we’ve termed our work “Multidimensional Healing.” What does that mean? Exactly what it says! When we work with an individual, we look at not just the person as they sit with us in a body in 3d, we work with all facets of that person, affecting that person, connected with that person, which we are able to see.  As we move into a time on Earth when collective consciousness slowly begins to awaken to the one-ness of all, so we are all more and more affected by the one-ness of all. It’s true that we are all one, and it’s also true that within that one-ness we are operating at different vibrations.

We talk about this work as it relates to the Twin Flame relationship, because we’re both twin flames and that’s the relationship we’re in. However, this work relates to all who are on a journey toward healing and greater consciousness, whether the work is done individually, or in any type of relationship.

I (Emily), have been using myself as a science experiment in healing for many years, and so it’s easy for me to use myself an example of how this type of healing may look.

Let’s look at this morning… I woke up with negative thoughts and my mind was looping, I’ve also had extreme pain alternating between the right and left sides of my spine for a few days, manifesting in constricted neck movement, shoulder/heart tension, sciatic pain, IT band pain, and inner leg line weakness, and in a lot of less physical ways.

So I began my healing work this morning by clearing energies very broadly. I found that first of all, the negative thoughts and energies of others were affecting my energy field, and so I cleared that energy not just from my energy field, but for everyone whose energy I was experiencing. Because there are some unresolved tensions in my own relationships, the collective negativity was playing out through the stories that apply to my own life, and being magnified by luciferic energies.

As it relates to the mind, I have found that I need to clear the brain, mental grid, psychic space, and perceptual grid really frequently. For me if I have any looping thought, if my thoughts are focusing on other’s behavior, if I have any thought that is not tied into a physical experience somewhere in my body, or thoughts that I have no idea why I’m having, or if I’m not able to see the etheric plane clearly, it’s a sign that I’m experiencing mental energy of some kind that is not mine. These things always go away when I clear the correlated energy field. I also find that I have a very hard time seeing what’s really going on in any other way if I don’t clear energies in the mental space first. Before I can do any deeper healing work, I need to be able to see clearly.

I also need to be able to feel clearly, which typically requires that I do a general clearing of my aura and broadly for everyone who I am connected with. This usually means that I clear the Nadis, Galactic and Grounding Cords, various layers of the aura, and then imbalances in any chakras. After clearing density, I can feel precisely enough to see what’s really going on.

Today, I saw that the physical pain I have been experiencing is related to inner masculine and feminine energies clearing and re-balancing. I’ve taken action lately that is a higher manifestation of masculine energy (conscious power) than has ever been experienced in my ancestry, and so it has been necessary to do clearing work on these ancestral energies at the level of my DNA, and for my ancestry. There have been curses associated with this as well. The pain manifested when Robert connected in to old template masculine energy in his ancestry, which I experienced. At the same time my inner feminine has been upgrading. Childhood wounding created a hole in the left side of my second chakra which has been healing over time, and the ancestral feminine energy that’s clearing in me is of the collapsed variety, and so there is a need to clear this within the DNA and through the ancestry as well.

I spent time working through all the facets of this that were available for me to see this morning. What are all the nuances of imbalance I am experiencing, where are they coming from, what weakness are they illuminating within me, what are they illuminating collectively, and how can I clear them?

So what does this mean physically? Weakness on the left side of the second chakra (low back) and binding on the right side of the second chakra were clearing simultaneously, but in polarity with one another and without a clear vision of what a new balance in that area looks or feels like. Thus, severe back pain radiating all over my body!

It was radiating through my legs because there was a need for me to upgrade my grounding cord and root chakra, which correlate with lifetimes of ‘failing’ at my soul work and fear of being harmed for being in my truth, and to ancestral templates of security equating to unhappiness.

Now why did it go to the neck? Because there are thoughts and beliefs associated with these energetic manifestations in the base of my brain, and so these need to be cleared as well. I also find that related to ancestral thought and belief patterns, negative energies from throughout the galaxy are typically involved in keeping them hidden. Archons also typically need to be cleared at this point, as tentacles from Archons will always keep things unclear.

Compounding all of this is having had many past lives of manifesting these energies in various ways, and so each flavor of lower level masculine/feminine from not only this life and ancestry, but from past lives, needed to be neutralized. Finally, the inner flow between masculine and feminine needed to be rebalanced. And then whoa-la, no more pain!

For the moment, and in this layer!

The thing is, each time we clear a layer of energy, a new one is revealed. But it gets easier and easier.  And basic physical practices like eating well and in attunement with what our bodes need (for which we use Ayurveda and herbal medicine), exercising (for which we use yoga, qi gong, and integrative fitness), connection with Nature (we go camping and spend lots of time at the beach), maintaining a healthy home vibration (cleaning regularly, using EMF devices, smudging and clearing/protecting our space), continually filling our hearts (through our individual spiritual practices, spending quality time together, writing music, and nurturing one another and ourselves), and lots of other tiny details that may seem insignificant alone, but all together add up to a beautiful tapestry of bliss, we keep going forward and experiencing life at a level we never could have imagined.

We do the same work with our clients. So, muldimensional healing looks at what is going on, however it’s presenting- mentally, physically, emotionally-  then looks at all the dimensions to find out what is really going on in the bigger picture, and then works with all layers involved. It does not matter where we start, we are always taken on an energetic journey to get to the root of the matter. We have seen illnesses cleared, pain go away, emotional struggles released, psychological imbalances healed, and relationships soar.

And we are the evidence of our own work. We aren’t perfect by any means, but the rapid evolution we’ve been able to achieve in ourselves is shocking even to us.

This is not about separating ourselves, this is about bringing consciousness to what is really going on and clearing for everyone involved. That is how we raise the vibration collectively through what may appear to be doing our own individual work. We are all one, and any work we do for ourselves and those we’re connected to has a ripple effect. We can’t expect results in other, as all have free will and can choose to accept or reject healing, but we can live in the experience of our own ascending vibration evidenced through greater and greater peace, happiness, contentment, and healing power, and allow that vibration to affect those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

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