How do we really know when we’re acting in the Highest Good? And what does Highest Good mean anyway?


Our perspective is that there is one Creative Source at the inception of the entire universe, and that the “intention” of that Source is inherently “good.” Why are “intention” and “good” in quotes? Because those are very human experiences that may not completely describe the essence of the Creative Source, but that at least get us close. The Creative Source more than likely Just Is, and does not undergo the experience of suffering. Humans, on the other hand, live in a state which seems to be a constant state of either suffering or preventing suffering. Having emanated forth from the Creative Source, everything that exists has the potential for realization of its’ truth as the Creative Source, and thus the experience of freedom from suffering. Christ Consciousness, Sat Nam, Om, So Hum, and the components of many belief systems, all point toward this reality.


We believe that everything created by the Creative Source, which we refer to by many names (Creator, Tuncasila, Brahman, Source, etc) is ultimately journeying toward this realization of the illusion of its separation from Source. We as humans have the privilege of free will and consciousness of our existence which allow us the potential for this realization in a profound way. Stars, Rocks, Animals, Trees, may already know the truth of their one-ness with Spirit. We’re the ones who get to have a conscious awakening of it!


An interesting component of living on Earth are the vast levels of illusion which we truly believe to be real. We believe our feelings are real, we believe our perspective on things is real, we believe that our wounds are real, we believe that our cultural and religious beliefs are real. But how many of us have had the subsequent experience of coming to see that something we once believed to be real is not in fact real!?


So then… what’s real?


It can be very easy to be in a place of pain and suffering, and believe that the person or experience which we see to be the cause of that suffering is truly the reason for it. Correspondingly we can believe that the actions we take from that place of pain and suffering are really the best choices. But how many of us break our arm and then completely arrange life to accommodate a broken arm, instead of just going to the doctor and taking steps to heal the break?  Not many. But it’s completely common place for people to experience emotional, perceptual, and psychological wounds and then live the rest of their lives from within that wounded state instead of taking conscious steps to heal.


The result is subtle wounding governing lives, governing other people involved in those lives, and passed down generation after generation, to the point where many of us are living within the confines of wounding that’s been embedded in the DNA and energy systems of our heritage,  AND WE DON’T EVEN KNOW THESE THINGS ARE INFLUENCING US!


So, why would a Creative Source allow these levels upon levels of wounding to become to compounded in humanity? Because the Creative Source is not actively intervening in anything that it’s created. We’re the ones with free will and the potential for action, so we’re the ones who need to take steps to un-do our own suffering, the ways we’re perpetuating our own suffering,  and the suffering that’s been passed down to us.


One of the most fundamental beliefs we hold is the belief in nothing but the possibility of limitless expansion. When we allow for all to be possible, we give ourselves the opportunity to truly heal. Conversely, if we have a limit on what we believe is possible, we’ll never go beyond that.


Since it’s beyond human capacity to truly “understand” Creative Source, we allow all possibilities to exist, and therefore experience Creative Source to the degree that we surrender and allow it.  We find that the capability of our minds to understand is far more limited that the capability of our Spirit to experience. The mind, however, can help us to expand more and more fully to experience Spirit, which then allows the mind to expand further.


So… what’s real again?


Spirit, Creative Source. This is the intention we hold. Embody Spirit. As we acknowledge the degree to which we are embedded in illusion, we hold our consciousness to Spirit and allow ourselves to be guided there. We look for where we are unwilling to hear or experience truth, where we are blocking truth to accommodate our own lower beliefs or pain, where we have fear blocking the way. The more and more levels of unconsciousness we allow ourselves to see, the more Truth we allow into ourselves. Then, the more bliss we experience, the more peace we feel, the more love we share.  This is Highest Good.

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