The Susumna Nadi is the main energy channel which is said to carry prana, the life force. Many spiritual traditions speak of the Susumna Nadi as the channel through which Kundalini rises, resulting in enlightenment. For most of us, that is not an instantaneous experience, and so consistently working on clearing blockages in the Susumna Nadi is a wonderful way to advance our awareness and spiritual understanding.


Consider that the Susumna Nadi is an energetic channel that runs along the course of the spine, and so the spine is a physical queue we can use to see what is going on in this aspect of the subtle energy system. Simply observe your spine, where is it straight, curved, compressed, flexible, rigid? Where is there pain? Tension? Constriction in the muscles surrounding it? All of these signs in the physical body can give us queues about the flow of the life force through the Susumna Nadi.


Then what can we do about it?


Physical movement is a wonderful place to start with opening the spine and bringing consciousness to what lies inside our physiology. Yoga asana, qi gong, and other meditative movement practices allow the body to move in a wide variety of ways which are designed to open the body’s energy channels, and also to connect consciousness with the physical form. When we allow our consciousness to delve into a place of the body we are attempting to open, we can become aware of what subtle energies may be causing physical constriction.


Breathing practices can also be an opening to conscious awareness of what subtle energies are held within the physical form. When we engage in pranayama, or conscious manipulation of the breath to connect more fully with prana, the life force, we allow an internal movement which infuses space and consciousness to areas of the body not as accessible through external movement. To be clear, the pranayama practices we are speaking of are ones which are infused with consciousness, not ones which seek a prana “high.”


Meditation in the form of connecting with one’s Highest Self can also be helpful in gaining insight into what blocks may lie in the Nadis and other areas of the the energy system, and what the appropriate clearing practice to release them would be. In combination with working in the Akashic Field, we can become aware of the specific nature of blockages, whether associated with the past of this life, with another person, with a past life, with a soul contract, or of a innumerable number of other causalities.


Many people have innate talents for connecting with energy, sensing energy, moving energy, or aligning energy. Emily, for example, has the ability to see misalignments in people’s energy systems, and follow the thread of misalignment from wherever it is manifesting to the root cause. She can then realign energy within the etheric plan, and also see how the misalignment has been manifesting in the Earth plan and help people to modify their behaviors and lives to come into greater alignment with a healthier and more authentic way of being.


In a multidimensional view of healing, we see that the access point for witnessing a blockage may be through the body, the mind, the heart, the energy field, or the spirit.  The cause of that block may be in any of these areas as well, regardless of how it is manifesting.  As we expand our awareness to witness and trust what is real, we become far more powerful in sensing the nature of multidimensional reality and taking action through multisensory means.


Next we will look at each of the seven chakras along the susumna Nadi, and the various aspects of masculine and feminine imbalance to be revealed within each energy center.


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