Some of Emily’s Training & Certifications:

  • Advanced Akashic Practitioner & Other Certifications, Linda Howe’s Center for Akashic Studies
  • Advanced Akashic Work, Susann Taylor Shier,
  • Techniques for Transforming Blockages & Coursework, Jill Miller and Remi Thivierge
  • Yoga & Ayurveda for Trauma, Substance Abuse, and Recovery
  • Ayurvedic Practitioner Studies, California College of Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic Massage & Body Therapy, Marma Therapy, California College of Ayurveda
  • School of Herbalism, Rob Talbert
  • Sivananda Yoga: India & Grass Valley, CA
  • Private Ayurvedic Work: Sri Lanka & India
  • Trauma Group Facilitator
  • School of Yoga Monks Teacher Training
  • Core Power Yoga Teacher Training
  • Jivasara Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yin Yoga Intensive
  • RADT
  • E-RYT
  • BA, Music & English

Emily’s Story…

On the full moon of February 29, 1980 I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and I often felt in the years following that something must have gone terribly wrong that night, for though the outside of me resembled the family I was with, there was nothing on the inside that seemed to fit with how they lived. The country land was my greatest comfort, and I spent much time alone.

My family followed a religious tradition of a rigorously conservative nature, however in the way that people of that time and generation spoke their alignment with religious ways, yet acted differently, I was often incredibly confused by the dichotomy. I could never figure out why it was necessary to make things look a certain way, when what was really going on was so vastly different. Nonetheless I did well in school, I was a talented musician, and I followed the rules well enough to avoid obvious trouble.

But trouble was always brewing within, as my father drank more and more, and his anger from his own childhood, and his present family not conforming to how he thought we should be, escalated into frequent fits of anger and violence. I came to live in fear, both of being at home, and of anyone finding out what was really going on lest it escalate my father into even greater rage.

I went to college at the school of my father’s choice for Music and English, and I was miserable because it was a place I adamantly did not want to be. Still, I did the ‘right’ thing, and followed the rules, and also drank to numb my pain. I realized very early on that I was an alcoholic. I’d watched my dad long enough to know the signs, yet the newfound freedom of not having to live within his confines left me caring little about my own well being. I floated along for ten years, graduating college, working at restaurants and bars in Ohio, I married someone I didn’t love because I didn’t have the courage to say no, and I just tried to get by.

In my early 20’s I had my first calling. I began having thoughts that I needed to do yoga and learn Sanskrit, which at that time, and where I was living, was not anything to which I’d ever been exposed. At first I thought I’d lost my mind, but I went to the small spirituality section of the Borders Books where I worked and got two books – the closest I could find at that time – the Lotus Sutras, and a book called The Buddha in the Mirror. I spent about three months reading these books, and even began doing mantra regularly, and it was the first time I’d ever felt my soul. But I was still scared, and unsure of myself, and so I allowed alcohol to take over once again and spent the next several years in unconsciousness.

I finally made it to my first yoga teacher training a month after I left the man I’d married. The money to pay for it miraculously appeared, and from the first moment of that training parts of my soul lit up, and words were put to truths I’d intuitively known my entire life. I lessened drinking quite a lot, and I felt really good. Shortly after, I prayed for help, for direction, and was given a job in California and moved there two weeks later.

I loved California, but as they say ‘wherever you go, there you are,’ and so I still had to deal with myself, despite the glorious weather that seemed an amazing blessing after the East coast winters I had previously known. I dove into spiritual practice, taking several more yoga teacher trainings, reading loads of spiritual books, completing the Self Realization Fellowship’s correspondence course, and teaching yoga wherever I could. Financial problems governed my life, for in my hurry to move on I’d ended up with  a lot of financial burdens, and so I worked very hard and put every cent toward a mountain of debt.

As my consciousness evolved through continual spiritual practice, I finally decided I did not want to be slave to debt any longer, and within a few weeks was given a job with a generous salary that eliminated all debt within six months, and I got to move to the Middle East as an added perk. From the other side of the world I had the blessing of spending much time in India and Sri Lanka learning the medicine of Ayurveda, and studying various traditions of yoga. During this time I also began studying Ayurveda at the California College of Ayurveda, first through their distance learning program, and in person after returning to the US.

Also during my time abroad, Spirit guided me to one of my most profound teachers, Mithila Ubayasekara, through whom I was introduced to Jonathan Monks and Kriya Yogananda. Through time spent with them in Sweden and London learning their asana practices, and through spiritual courses with Kriyaji, and through karma yoga, I was connected more fully with my innate healing abilities that were pushed down due to the circumstances of my childhood.
Upon returning to the US, I expanded my yoga teaching practice to include Ayurveda, Herbalism, Pranic Healing, and Body Therapies.

Then came the time for Spirit to illuminate to me just how little I was surrendering, despite my successful healing business and dedication to spiritual practice. One April 11, my life crashed apart as I ended two and a half years of sobriety, and relationships along with every other detail of my life changed. It was a hard and fast nine month demise, and all the success, peace and happiness I thought I’d known evaporated. December of the same year found me traveling alone, on Christmas Eve, to Kriyaji’s temple in London, desperately seeking a remedy to my insanity. It was the darkest time of my life, consumed by an internal pain and suffering that there are not words to describe.

Eleven days after the New Year, I was given the gift of another spiritual experience, and was propelled into a new life that is beyond anything I could have previously imaged. The obsession to drink was lifted, my spiritual practiced flourished in a new and meaningful way, and in the time following the intuitive healing abilities that are my soul truth have been revealed with more power than I could have dreamed.

Robert and I met during this time, and as our teachers say, we both had our soul truth revealed with little grace for what we’d been doing in life thus far. We were confronted with huge decisions that confronted everything we believed, with a mirror for the darknesses we’d thus far avoided within, and with the profound opportunity to choose a life that is an expression of Spirit. And the journey has been amazing. The love we share, and the healing we have been able to experience ourselves and offer others is the essence of our truth, and is such an honor to be a part of.

Along with loads of shadow work, these recent years have guided me to work in the Akashic field, to dance with clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, to deeply trust the profound messages and truths it turns out Spirit has always been revealing to me in various ways, and to harness my intuitive abilities to see precise threads of energy within myself and others and move and transmute them. I am humbled to have the gift of freeing others from energies which have caused them suffering for so many years, and my heart bursts with joy to see so many people move on to live lives that are vibrant beyond their wildest dreams.

I’ve always known I was meant to live a life of service, and the way Spirit has orchestrated this life for me is humbling beyond words. I am so grateful.