Some of Robert’s Training & Certifications:

  • Seven rights of the Lakota Nation
  • Native & Psychology Studies, Dr. John Land
  • Techniques for Transforming Blockages & Coursework, Jill Miller and Remi Thivierge
  • Chinese martial arts and philosophy
  • Life and fitness coach
  • Drug and alcohol recovery
  • Holistic Fitness
  • Fitness for Autoimmune Specialization
  • Trauma Group Facilitator
  • Kinesiology
  • RADT
  • ISSA
  • NCSF

Robert’s Story…

I was born in Los Angeles in 1961, and from the beginning I was different from the family I was with. They were my biological family for sure, but they were different from me, I was different from them, and we all knew it. My parents, being of a time and generation that honored keeping up appearances over inquiring into the depths of one’s soul, tolerated me until I was fifteen, at which point the turmoil between us ended in me leaving at my father’s demand. Leading up to then, my mom was my savior, and she gave me the gift of martial arts training beginning at the age of nine, and it both saved my life many times over the years that followed, and provided the basis for the spiritual existence I now know.

From that point on I was a scared kid doing everything I could to survive in a very big world. Drugs, alcohol, and the various scenes of southern California became my home. I surfed the biggest waves, I traveled on whims, I played with bands in Hollywood, I skated with Dog Town, and I drowned out my pain with whatever substance I could find. If you had it, I would do it, and despite the genuine desire of my heart to do the right thing, I had no respect for any rules that might have anything to do with the family where I came from.

I worked odd jobs, I jumped from woman to woman, I drifted in and out of jail for drug and alcohol offenses, and I survived however I could. Christmas Eve of 1990 marked the beginning of my ultimate low. Released from jail with nothing but the clothes on my back, and with no one knowing, or even caring, where I was. I surrendered to live a homeless life. For two and a half years a bush in Heisler Park of Laguna Beach was my home, the dumpster behind Kentucky Fried Chicken was my nourishment, and then my goal was really survival. Music has been one of my deepest passions since I was young, and I slept on my guitar this entire time, playing when I could. All the while I managed to have a regular supply of alcohol and heroin, continuing to numb the pain of my harsh existence.

I was so tired, and a time came when I just didn’t have the energy to play the game anymore. Out of money and drugs, I withdrew from Heroin under my bush, and I prayed for help. And help came. A man let me stay at his house for a few days, he gave me some money, and within a few days I got a job at a photo lab and found a small garage to live in. I was still drinking constantly, but with some income and a place to stay I managed to put together a small semblance of a life.

A few years later I met a woman who I married shortly thereafter, and together we built a life that was beyond anything I could have imaged. Very early into my marriage I stopped drinking alcohol and dove into recovery, which is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Again I was scooped up by a man who saw my soul, and he both guided me into becoming a respectable human being and introduced me to the Native American Ways which are now the basis of my personal spiritual practice and the source from which the healing work I’m able to do for others begins.

I spent the next twenty years of my life focused on spiritual practice. I traveled to the Rose Bud Reservation in South Dakota and spent months at a time there, learning the Native Ways, and learning to come more and more fully from a good heart. I was blessed to have the Native people who taught me give their blessing for me to perform the healing ways I learned there. I’ve been building and running sweat lodges, and performing other Native ceremonies, ever since. During this time I also went to college for Holistic Fitness and became a personal trainer.

When my daughter was born in 2004, and I was let go from the gym where I was a personal trainer the next day, I surrendered to spirit once again and was guided to create a business facilitating Spiritual Fitness groups. I worked every day with people on the beach, right below the bush that I’d called home ten years before, and I brought fitness and Native Healing ceremonies to drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout Orange County, CA.

Honestly, I thought I’d gotten to the culmination of where my life would lead, but Spirit had other plans for me. In 2015 I was confronted with myself once again when Emily walked into my life, and I could no longer avoid the components of healing I’d skated by for so long. Emily is literally the other half of my soul, and while I tried to twist myself in various ways to avoid that truth so as to not cause harm to the life I was already living, inevitably I could not live out of alignment with the truth of my Soul.

A year and a half later I stepped away from my former life and entered into the life that Emily and I now share. It is one grounded in Spirit, and our existence is one that involves continual healing. We have no choice but to look within ourselves, regardless of how confrontational that may be, and clear away whatever stands in the way of us being more purely in embodiment of Spirit and Truth.

The work Emily and I now do, the healing we have the opportunity to offer others, is beyond even the wildest figment of my imagination. I am grateful for every bit of what’s happened through my life, I honor everyone who has been with me along the way, and I bow in humility to those who have offered themselves to be a part of my own healing, in whatever form that has come.

I’m passionate about helping men struggling in addiction, and about helping men come into more honest relationship with themselves. The journey is a difficult one for men, being that we’re not connected to the Earth in the same way women are. Also, we don’t have many role models for how to go within and do truly genuine deep work. The freedom I’ve found from the last two and a half years of doing deeper and more rigorous spiritual work than I new existed have shown me a level of authenticity I can only hope to share with others.