Spiritual work is for everyone, and we work from whatever place works for you. We work with the Akashic Records, Native American Healing, Subtle Energy Transformation, Ayurveda, Qi Gong, among other methods to assist people in feeling better.

Are you feeling a desire for a more filling existence? Are there particular challenges that seem to repeat over and over again in your life? Do you have the vague, or perhaps strong feeling that there is something you’re missing? Are you on a spiritual path and feeling the desire for more? Are you a highly sensitive/ empathic person who gets overwhelmed by energies of others? Do you feel low energy, or even sick, a lot of the time? Do you ‘just know’ things? Is there a relationship in your life that continues to cause you challenge?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, or just generally feel comfortable with what you’re reading, you’re in the right place!

Our work is to assist people in taking powerful leaps into living more Soul Aligned lives, to help people embody Spirit in a way that works right here on Earth.

We offer a variety of classes, workshops, training, and private appointment options and would love for you to join us in whatever way feels right for you.  Our work is currently arranged as follows. If you have questions, or are unsure what feels right to you, please feel free to send us a note and ask!

Individuals/Couples in Relationship: As twin flames in relationship, we have significant and intimate experience working through the energy of many challenging relationship templates. Soul Healing is a session for couples wanting to take their relationship to a new level, or for individuals who are in a relationship and who are also called to a more soul fulfilled way of being. We combine our experience and healing techniques to work in the individual and shared energy of couples, and assist people in stepping into more fulfilling lives and relationships.
Multidimensional Healing Private Appointment

Women: Earth is currently in a time of women coming more and more fully into power. Women are experiencing this journey within themselves, and collectively, and it can be very challenging to navigate the journey of living into our sacred feminine truth as souls in a world still largely behind the times of where we’re going. For women wishing to journey deeper into their Soul Truth, this work is guided by Emily and will help you to transform more and more fully into who you are. Through reading the akashic records, clearing obstructions, chakra and energy body alignment, and past life healing you will have the opportunity to find your soul’s path, and greater fulfillment, peace, and serenity, in this lifetime.
Women’s Akashic Energy Healing
Sacred Feminine Energy Work: The Red Tent Workshop

Men: Men face a unique challenge on the path of spiritual ascension, especially men who are quite sensitive yet very affected by the old male templates still pervasive on Earth. For men seeking new levels of healing in mind, body, and spirit, this session is with Robert and may focus on physical wellness, spiritual development, or any area client’s desire. Robert offers a unique experience in male healing through the lens of physical wellness, empathy, native american ritual, and dynamic energy healing.
Mind, Body, Spirit Healing for Men

Medical Intuitive/ Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations: For individuals desiring guidance with supporting physical, mental, or emotional dis-ease or general Ayurvedic lifestyle support, this session focuses on Earth level well being by finding reasons for imbalance and creating a plan for balance which may include diet, herbs, physical practices, meditation practices, breathing practices, and other solutions for creating greater wellness from an Ayurvedic perspective
Medical Intuitive/ Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations

Empaths/Intuitives/Healers/Yoga Teachers/Spiritual Seekers: When we first awaken to a new awareness, it can be quite invigorating for some time, and then often we find perhaps there’s more than we bargained for as our sensitivity increases and we realize we aren’t equipped to deal with all the energies and obstructions we begin to feel. Life can begin to feel even more overwhelming and confusing! Especially those who quickly dive into using their gifts to help others, we often need more help and training in powerfully owning our own ascension, sensitivity, and healing abilities without becoming exhausted or burnt out.

We offer energy coaching for people interested in becoming more powerful healers in whatever life they’re living. Every one of us is a healer at the level of the soul, how that comes out in 3d is irrelevant, we all have the capacity to impart profound change in ourselves and those around us by stepping fully into our own journey.
Private Energy Coaching
Intuitive Healing Workshop (next start date tbd)

Spiritual Journeys for Everyone: If you’re needing general healing, restoration, or new insight into your own journey or growth, we offer a variety of work in different topics and formats open to anyone seeking expansion.