Beaver is the doer in the animal kingdom. Beaver medicine is akin to water and earth energy, and incorporates a strong sense of family and home. If you were to look at the dams that block woodland streams, you would find several entrances and exits. In buildings its home, Beaver always leaves itself many alternative escape routes. This practice is a lesson to all of us not to paint ourselves into corners. If we eliminate our alternatives, we dam the flow of experience in our lives. A doer is characterized by industriousness, and Beaver knows that limitation cancels productivity.


Beaver is armed with very sharp teeth that are capable of felling whole trees. Imagine what those teeth could do to the limbs of predators. From the rear, Beaver is armed with a paddle-like tail that aids in swimming as well as in guarding its behind.


This tiny mammal is well equipped to protect its creation.


To understand Beaver medicine, you might take a look at the power of working and attaining a sense of achievement. In building a dream, teamwork is necessary. To accomplish a goal with others involves working with the group mind. Group mid constitutes harmony of the highest order, without individual egos getting in the way. Each partner in the project honors the talents and abilities of the others, and knows how to complete the piece of the puzzle that belongs to them. In working well with others, a sense of community is achieved and unity ensues.


If Beaver has appeared in your spread, it may be time to put your ideas into action or to complete some project that has been neglected. The Beaver card could also be asking you to settle differences with fellow workers or friends. Beaver tells you to look for alternative solutions to life’s challenges and to protect the creations, which you put your love and energy into.


Sometimes Beaver brings you a warning to watch your back. If this is your message, you will know it by the position in which the card falls in your spread. If the card falls in the South position, it is to remind your child-self that trusting is okay but caution is necessary. Use discernment and all will be fine.


If Beaver has dunked its head under water and is contrary, you are being asked to open new doors to opportunity and to star aware. This could also usher in a time of laziness or apathy. Find what is damming the flow, and remove the impasse. The questions that may arise when Beaver is contrary are: (1) Have I forgotten to allow room in my life for new experiences? (2) Am I willing to work with others? (3) Am I resentful of having to work? Medicine Cards: Beaver 2 (4) Do I express my creativity by doing, or just be dreaming about it? (5) Has my mind created so many obstacles to productivity that I feel like a failure before I begin?


Meditate upon Beaver’s determination and willingness to work. Visualize the goal you wish to accomplish, and be willing to work with others to achieve that end.


Excerpt from “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams & David Carson