Although the warrior was accustomed to the sultry heat of his bayou homeland, he was shaking as if from a cold draft. The council of Elders had caught him telling a lie. The punishment for this offense was banishment from the tribe. To restore his honor among the People, he would have to face the Wild Boar with a knife as his only weapon. If he failed, he would die, torn apart by the ravaging tusks of the fiery-eyed beast. This prospect filled him with dread.


Then, the spirit of the Wild Boar came to him in a dream. It was enraged that the young man had broken his warrior’s vows by lying. It told him that he would first have to face and conquer the self-important and deceitful beast within himself, if he hoped to survive their combat. The young warrior vowed to honor the truth from that moment forward; he faced the Wild Boar that day and killed the beast. The warrior kept the tusk of his adversary as a life long reminder to always confront the weaknesses inside himself.


There are several varieties of Boar, and this powerful medicine of the Warrior Clans applies to all of them. The Maya called Boar Javelina; and the Choctaws saw the Razorback as Wild Boar. Its medicine teaches us to confront human weaknesses, and to change them into strengths. The human spirit is empowered through Wild Boar’s willingness to confront fears, the challenges at hand, and uncomfortable circumstances. Courageously standing tall. Without running from the situations that life presents, is powerful medicine indeed.


If Wild Boar has charged into your cards today, you are being asked to confront anything or anybody that you have been avoiding. Pay attention! Enhance your warrior nature and find the courage to confront your fears. Or, are you being asked to confront a personal weakness or a career challenge? Is it time to finish a project that you abandoned thinking it might be too difficult to accomplish? Confront your feelings regarding some issue that makes you nervous or causes discomfort and bring yourself the peace of closure.


If you have been procrastinating, Wild Boar is reminding you to quit avoiding the inevitable. In all cases, it is insisting that you be fully present and mindful of what is happening and why. If you drew this card, you already possess the courage needed to confront all that life offers; just remember where you hid the courage. Challenges do not simply vanish. Unless you actively embrace your issues, you cannot reclaim your spirit’s energy. Half the battle is won through the warrior’s willingness to acknowledge and to accept the whole truth at all times.


If Wild Boar has appeared in the contrary position, this could be a warning. Because you have been unwilling to confront some challenge, situation or feeling, it is about to explode in your face. It could be time to evaluate any avoidance mechanisms. Denials can vanish when you confront them with unflinching honesty. If some lie is present, now it is time to come clean with yourself or another. Have you dishonored yourself by breaking a trust? Be strong and make amends. If you do not believe that you are brave enough to confront your mistakes or denials, quit lying to yourself and acknowledge the authentic power of the honorable self within.


Remember, you can call upon Wild Boar to help cut through feelings of helplessness or weakness. Those sharp tusks can cut to the heart of the matter and reveal the valiant warrior self that you may have unwittingly abandoned.


Excerpt from “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams & David Carson