What do we really know?

The realm of Spirit works in mysterious ways.
It’s actually a funny thing, the idea that we humans might have complete knowing about anything. True, we can become celebrated experts through educational attainment and research, or deeply knowledgeable through experience, but how can anyone proclaim to know that they know the complete picture of all?  The highly ascended teachers on Earth who I’ve spent time with have all embodied a deep sense of humility in their personal practice, a profound sense of devotion, and a willingness to take action in what ever way Spirit calls, regardless of the results. Ironically, this willingness and openness is precisely what allows them to channel Sacred Truth and act as Divine Teachers to those who seek their guidance.  With that comes inner knowing, and that is a tool I personally have found more powerful than anything else.
The more I seek to embody this example that’s been demonstrated to me, the more I am willing to disconnect from personal association with the wounding, blockage, and reactive tendencies that I witness within my body, and the more I allow Spirit, consciousness, to enter the dense realms of small self, the less I have any opinion or judgement about right, wrong, good, bad, higher, lower, or any comparative label related to my own, or anyone else’s path.
Most prevalent in my own journey has been the polarity between a deep inner knowing that this Spiritual work is exactly what I’m meant to do, and the ego/inferiority complex associated with needing to be successful, seen, recognized, heard, or otherwise acknowledged as an individual. After all, spiritual ascension is about releasing the ego.  How awful to find out how prevalent it’s been in my own journey! It is one of the longest running threads through for me in this life, and as I’ve continually shown up to do the inner work, it’s now accompanied by a sense of grace, compassion, and humor for how insidious this ego, ahamkara, sense of separateness, is within my being.
Who am I to make a judgement about anyone or anything when I have seen that the threads of all humanity’s suffering, of all psychological disorder, of all emotional pain, of all ego and inferiority, of all atrocity, of all things that I may judge or label in another are potentials within myself? Every being is showing up on our path with an incomprehensibly vast and complex energy field filled with lifetimes of history and experience, trauma, karma, soul intention, and agreements to experience suffering, complete old contracts, and subject themselves to the school of life on Earth for the evolution of their souls.  It would be incredibly small minded of me to label or dismiss or judge another being through my own limited perspective of their path, simply because of the reaction they evoke in my own small self, or because I have some idea that the way they’ve reacted to a lifetime of experience about which I have no personal understanding is wrong.
Over and over I am called to critically look at my inner world through the eye of a Higher Self that I’ve come to find takes many forms, communicates in many ways, and is always willing to provide a perspective that is the essence of compassion. Now I know that any action I take in the world which is adjacent to judgement is not of the Highest Good. Discernment is a better way, and an authentic attainment to the precise path that’s mine to follow. Actions taken in this latter energy release any need for me to have an opinion, good or bad, about anyone else’s state of being. In the words of Ram Das, “we are all just walking each other home.”
When I seek to satiate my own ego, I always end up causing harm to either another or to myself, and I often miss the lesson that’s available in that moment.
But how do we know?  How do we know what is Higher Self and what is lower self? How do we know if we’re being guided in authentic attunement by Spirit?
For myself, I have come to learn that many forces are working on every moment, and that not all of them are of the good. I’ve learned that there is almost always a physical correlation with something I’m doing that’s of lower self, it’s connected to some place in my body where I’ve allowed dense energy to be stored.  I’ve learned that I have to be very precise in looking at all layers of my energy field and of the energies that are working on me in a particular moment, and I have to very thoroughly surrender all aspects of myself that may want a certain result or have a certain goal.  I have crashed and burned enough through executing a path that is altruistic but still at the motivation of a smaller aspect of myself to know that it’s not worth following these threads unless I am sure it’s exactly what Spirit wants me to do.
And, at the same time, there’s no judgement in any path I’ve followed. I wouldn’t have the experience to have this level of dedication to only following the Highest Good if I hadn’t failed so many times before on my own smaller self will.
So, at this moment in my experience, I know that we are all operating within a magnificently complex energy field that is so vast that perhaps no human mind can fully access its entirety.  I know that even when things feel very confusing, there are very precise tools that we as humans now have access to which help to bring absolute clarity to whatever we’re experiencing along the way. I know, too, that it is not always time for us to know, and that part of the ability to withstand the trials of spiritual ascension is FAITH when all around us appears dark.  I know that there are as many paths to Spirit as there are beings, and that there is likely no-one who knows with 100% clarity what the complete right path is for anyone else. But we’re all connected, we’re all interrelated, we’re all doing our part in helping the whole upgrade to a way of being that is easier to be in, and part of that dance is in making mistakes, learning from those who show up in a moment of need, seeing that for all of us there are myriad forces at play, and learning that compassion is an important key in us all coming to embody a way of living that allows harmony.
Inner knowing is a tool that needs its strength built just like the muscles in our bodies and the focus of our minds. We have to practice looking for the energy of Highest Good, and until we learn that a precise calling is available for us to follow in every moment, we just fling ourselves at whatever seems right. And that’s valuable too. It provides us the experience we often need to realize doing the inner work is worth it.
As I find myself on yet another cycle of the Sacred Spiral of releasing dark and embodying more light, another after more than I can even begin to remember or recount, I am present to the complexity of this journey. There are things I once knew that I now know with less absoluteness. There are perspectives I’ve followed which have amazing value but that no longer hold all encompassing certainty.  There are ideals I’ve held which have much value, but that negate the fullness of a life experiencing the full range of emotion and experience. And above all, I see that all ideas I have had of a perfect path, a perfect way, a perfect adherence to anything, a perfect embodiment of Spirit, a perfect anything, take away from the beautifully rich and imperfectly perfect cosmos that allows Spirit to take the journey of knowing its own perfection through the evolution and experience of all beings in all forms.

Clearing Energy 1.2: Chakras & Yin/ Yang

Along the susumna nadi lie the seven major chakras, and within each chakra there is masculine and feminine energy. The masculine energy can be traced through the Pingala nadi, and the feminine energy can be traced through the Ida nadi.  Masculine energy can also be observed as Solar, or Yang energy. Feminine energy can also be seen as Lunar, or Yin energy. Masculine is active. Feminine is receptive.


As we observe blockages in the spine, as discussed in Energy 1.1, we may notice that a blockage is in an area associated with a particular chakra.  It’s very common to find that a physical block in the spine at the area of a particular chakra is manifesting in behaviors or challenges associated with that particular chakra.  For example, low back pain is in the sacral area of the second chakra. Typically, when low back pain exists, there is also some area of that person’s life where they are not living in alignment with the truth of what they’d like to create in the world.


If we look deeper at whether the imbalance in the second chakra is on the left or right side, we will be able to see whether the misalignment is manifesting in a masculine (yang) or feminine (yin) way.  A masculine misalignment could be a result of unconsciously holding or acting out one’s masculine ancestry. It could be a result of having to be overprotective of one’s self in early childhood as in cases of abuse or neglect.  Masculine misalignment could be a result of past life issues, or any number of other reasons. When masculine or feminine energy is excessive, the opposing energy is always deficient. The nature of our energy systems is that they seek balance, there cannot be an excess of energy somewhere without there being a deficiency of energy somewhere else.


Wherever we notice the misalignment, whether masculine, feminine, excessive, deficient, or simply out of alignment with the central core of the susumna nadi, we can trace threads of the misalignment to discover the nature of how the misalignment has manifested in mind, body, heart, and spirit, and what other aspects of the energy system have been involved to compensate.  Some very broad, isolated, generalizations and examples of how imbalances could manifest in each chakra are below. Typically imbalances in each chakra also have physical pain associated with the corresponding area of the body.


  • 1st Chakra – Muladhara
    The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with stability, security, birth experiences, and feeling grounded and safe on Earth. Excess masculine energy in the Muladhara chakra typically manifests in an aggressive or stagnant nature. Aggression or stagnation could manifest in areas related to one’s home, finances, or family.  Excess feminine energy the the root chakra could manfest as having a tendency to avoid financial security, a stable home life, or long term ties.
  • 2nd Chakra – Svadhisthana
    The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdominal area below the naval, and is associated with creation and intimate relationships. Excess masculine energy in the second chakra may manifest as sexual aggression, or forcing one’s ideas or creations onto others.  Excess feminine energy in the second chakra could manifest as an inability to allow one’s truth to be put into the world, an inability to connect authentically with others, or a feeling of never being good enough.
  • 3rd Chakra – Manipura
    The chakra located at the solar plexus, Manipura is associated with power, self esteem, and presence. It is also where our ability to interact with others in a healthy way is rooted. Excess masculine energy in the solar plexus may look like excessive self confidence, or overpowering others.  Excessive feminine energy in the third chakra may appear through low self confidence, allowing one’s self to be walked on, or having a hard time being seen.
  • 4th Chakra – Anahata
    The heart chakra is associated with compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Excess masculine energy in the heart chakra tends to manifest as blockages preventing authentic and vulnerable relationships. Excess feminine energy in the heart chakra tends to come out as trusting too quickly and in challenge with handling one’s emotions.
  • 5th Chakra – Visuddha
    The throat chakra is associated with our ability to speak and hear deep and authentic truth. Excess masculine energy in the 5th Chakra may come out in speaking too loudly or too much, and without the ability to notice if people are listening. Excess feminine energy in the 5th Chakra may look like the opposite… an inability to speak one’s truth clearly, or an inability to hear others deeply.
  • 6th Chakra – Ajna
    The third eye is located near the pineal gland in the center of the brain. Excess masculine energy in the Ajna chakra typically manifests as a blockage in seeing higher truth. Excess feminine energy in the 6th chakra often results in challenge with being fully present on Earth, or an inability to bring galactic truths down to Earth.
  • 7th Chakra – Sahasrara
    The crown chakra is our opening to spirit, and is located at the crown of the head. Typically masculine and feminine balances are less common in this chakra, and blockages result from other influences.  Fear, past life blockages, and the energy of others often show up as blockages in the 7th chakra.

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Clearing Energy 1.1: Lens of the Nadis & Awareness

The Susumna Nadi is the main energy channel which is said to carry prana, the life force. Many spiritual traditions speak of the Susumna Nadi as the channel through which Kundalini rises, resulting in enlightenment. For most of us, that is not an instantaneous experience, and so consistently working on clearing blockages in the Susumna Nadi is a wonderful way to advance our awareness and spiritual understanding.


Consider that the Susumna Nadi is an energetic channel that runs along the course of the spine, and so the spine is a physical queue we can use to see what is going on in this aspect of the subtle energy system. Simply observe your spine, where is it straight, curved, compressed, flexible, rigid? Where is there pain? Tension? Constriction in the muscles surrounding it? All of these signs in the physical body can give us queues about the flow of the life force through the Susumna Nadi.


Then what can we do about it?


Physical movement is a wonderful place to start with opening the spine and bringing consciousness to what lies inside our physiology. Yoga asana, qi gong, and other meditative movement practices allow the body to move in a wide variety of ways which are designed to open the body’s energy channels, and also to connect consciousness with the physical form. When we allow our consciousness to delve into a place of the body we are attempting to open, we can become aware of what subtle energies may be causing physical constriction.


Breathing practices can also be an opening to conscious awareness of what subtle energies are held within the physical form. When we engage in pranayama, or conscious manipulation of the breath to connect more fully with prana, the life force, we allow an internal movement which infuses space and consciousness to areas of the body not as accessible through external movement. To be clear, the pranayama practices we are speaking of are ones which are infused with consciousness, not ones which seek a prana “high.”


Meditation in the form of connecting with one’s Highest Self can also be helpful in gaining insight into what blocks may lie in the Nadis and other areas of the the energy system, and what the appropriate clearing practice to release them would be. In combination with working in the Akashic Field, we can become aware of the specific nature of blockages, whether associated with the past of this life, with another person, with a past life, with a soul contract, or of a innumerable number of other causalities.


Many people have innate talents for connecting with energy, sensing energy, moving energy, or aligning energy. Emily, for example, has the ability to see misalignments in people’s energy systems, and follow the thread of misalignment from wherever it is manifesting to the root cause. She can then realign energy within the etheric plan, and also see how the misalignment has been manifesting in the Earth plan and help people to modify their behaviors and lives to come into greater alignment with a healthier and more authentic way of being.


In a multidimensional view of healing, we see that the access point for witnessing a blockage may be through the body, the mind, the heart, the energy field, or the spirit.  The cause of that block may be in any of these areas as well, regardless of how it is manifesting.  As we expand our awareness to witness and trust what is real, we become far more powerful in sensing the nature of multidimensional reality and taking action through multisensory means.


Next we will look at each of the seven chakras along the susumna Nadi, and the various aspects of masculine and feminine imbalance to be revealed within each energy center.


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Clearing Energy 1.0: Overview

Earth is in a time of awakening, and as more and more individuals hear their calling, embrace this journey, and do the inner work to vibrationally ascend, we help the collective vibration to rise as well. It’s very helpful to have an understanding of the subtle energy system, and how it works, as we come into power of taking responsibility for our own healing, for our own experience on Earth, and for being of service to the mission our Soul chose to take for this life.  Each component of the energy system can tell us profound amounts of information about where we have the opportunity to bring more consciousness to our experience. If the goal we’re working toward is pure embodiment of light, or awakening, we have to clear out the dark to get there.


Consider your home.  There is furniture consciously placed, there are places where you know you can walk around, there are cabinets where you know where to find things, and there are also probably drawers and closets where things are stored and hidden.  There may be dust in corners or under things that haven’t been moved in a while. There may even be boxes hidden away where we vaguely remember things are stored, or even piles of old memorabilia we hardly remember at all! There may be a whole room, or a garage, filled with clutter from different phases of this lifetime. We tend to keep the areas of our home clear where we spend most of our time, and where other people might spent time with us. We make sure that our homes give us comfort, show off the image that we want people to associate with us, and easy to navigate through. We don’t typically choose to place a table in the middle of a walkway, and most of us wouldn’t buy a new set of furniture and pile it on top of the furniture set that’s already there. But we aren’t always so conscious about the parts of our house that other people don’t regularly see.


If we think of our bodies, physically or energetically, like our homes we tend to take the same approach. We’re conscious about the parts of us that we can see and about the parts we know other people can see. We may take steps to eat food that makes us feel good, to exercise, to have a particular appearance, and to act in a way that makes us feel good, and in the way we want people to perceive us. We’re conscious of the overt aspects of ourselves, but just as there are many aspects of our home we might not have full consciousness and a regular routine around, there are aspects of our energy system about which we have the same level of unconsciousness.


Part of the journey of awakening is about bringing full consciousness to all areas of our energy systems. In many cases, it might even be possible to begin this journey by bringing consciousness to the full breadth of one’s home and belongings. Our external circumstances often mirror the inner ones, but that is an article full of paradoxes and polarities to save for another day!


In each human being’s local energy system there are many channels which carry energy. In the Yogic tradition they are called Nadis. According to the ancient yogi’s, the Nadis are the channels through which Prana, the life force, flows through our subtle energy system.  The Hatha Yoga Pradipika states that there are 72,000 nadis, and they comprise the breadth of our most local individual energy system. Of these nadis, the major carrier of the life force is the Susumna Nadi, which is an energetic replica of the spine. The Ida (Feminine, Lunar, Yin) and Pingala (Masculine, Solar, Yang) nadis are the second two most important Nadis, and they begin at the base of the spine and spiral back and forth around the Susumna Nadi.  At each intersection of the Susumna, Ida, and Pingala nadis lies a Chakra.


The Chakras are vortexes of energy which correlate with various aspects of our physical bodies, emotional bodies, mental bodies, and overall experience in life. There are many chakras, however for the purpose of this article we’ll just mention the seven main chakras along the Susumna Nadi. They are simply described as follows.


  • First Chakra: Muladhara – Located at the base of the spine
  • Second Chakra: Svadisthana – Located in the lower abdomen below the belly button
  • Third Chakra: Manipura – Located at the solar plexus
  • Fourth Chakra: Anahata – Located at the heart
  • Fifth Chakra: VIsuddha – Located at the throat
  • Sixth Chakra: Ajna – Located at the forehead
  • Seventh Chakra: Sahasrara – Located at the crown of the head

The final aspect of the local energy system we’ll discuss in this series are the layers of the aura. The layers of the aura we’ll look at are listed below. They begin with the physical body and move outward.

  • Physical Layer: Energetic template that corresponds with the literal physical body as we experience it on Earth
  • Etheric Layer: Approximately two inches from the physical body outward
  • Emotional Layer: Corresponds with emotions
  • Mental Layer: Corresponds with thoughts
  • Buddhic Layer: Relates to intelligence of the Higher Self
  • Atmic Layer: Relates to the intelligence of Cosmic Law
  • Galactic Layer: Merges with the Galactic Energy of the Universe

Each of these aspects of the energy system can hold ‘clutter,’ and the journey of awakening asks us to bring consciousness to all areas of ourselves- physical and subtle- to release all that may be obscuring our ability to embody the purity of Spirit. We often refer to this as darkness, but all darkness means is that there is a place the light has not yet been shined. The process of clearing is simply allowing light, or consciousness, to shine on all aspects of ourselves. We allow that which is not working for our highest good to release, just like we’d give away clothes that no longer fit once we find them in that deep dark box in the basement, and we put a light in that place so from then on we know what lies there.


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What is Really Real? The Journey to Bliss…

How do we really know when we’re acting in the Highest Good? And what does Highest Good mean anyway?


Our perspective is that there is one Creative Source at the inception of the entire universe, and that the “intention” of that Source is inherently “good.” Why are “intention” and “good” in quotes? Because those are very human experiences that may not completely describe the essence of the Creative Source, but that at least get us close. The Creative Source more than likely Just Is, and does not undergo the experience of suffering. Humans, on the other hand, live in a state which seems to be a constant state of either suffering or preventing suffering. Having emanated forth from the Creative Source, everything that exists has the potential for realization of its’ truth as the Creative Source, and thus the experience of freedom from suffering. Christ Consciousness, Sat Nam, Om, So Hum, and the components of many belief systems, all point toward this reality.


We believe that everything created by the Creative Source, which we refer to by many names (Creator, Tuncasila, Brahman, Source, etc) is ultimately journeying toward this realization of the illusion of its separation from Source. We as humans have the privilege of free will and consciousness of our existence which allow us the potential for this realization in a profound way. Stars, Rocks, Animals, Trees, may already know the truth of their one-ness with Spirit. We’re the ones who get to have a conscious awakening of it!


An interesting component of living on Earth are the vast levels of illusion which we truly believe to be real. We believe our feelings are real, we believe our perspective on things is real, we believe that our wounds are real, we believe that our cultural and religious beliefs are real. But how many of us have had the subsequent experience of coming to see that something we once believed to be real is not in fact real!?


So then… what’s real?


It can be very easy to be in a place of pain and suffering, and believe that the person or experience which we see to be the cause of that suffering is truly the reason for it. Correspondingly we can believe that the actions we take from that place of pain and suffering are really the best choices. But how many of us break our arm and then completely arrange life to accommodate a broken arm, instead of just going to the doctor and taking steps to heal the break?  Not many. But it’s completely common place for people to experience emotional, perceptual, and psychological wounds and then live the rest of their lives from within that wounded state instead of taking conscious steps to heal.


The result is subtle wounding governing lives, governing other people involved in those lives, and passed down generation after generation, to the point where many of us are living within the confines of wounding that’s been embedded in the DNA and energy systems of our heritage,  AND WE DON’T EVEN KNOW THESE THINGS ARE INFLUENCING US!


So, why would a Creative Source allow these levels upon levels of wounding to become to compounded in humanity? Because the Creative Source is not actively intervening in anything that it’s created. We’re the ones with free will and the potential for action, so we’re the ones who need to take steps to un-do our own suffering, the ways we’re perpetuating our own suffering,  and the suffering that’s been passed down to us.


One of the most fundamental beliefs we hold is the belief in nothing but the possibility of limitless expansion. When we allow for all to be possible, we give ourselves the opportunity to truly heal. Conversely, if we have a limit on what we believe is possible, we’ll never go beyond that.


Since it’s beyond human capacity to truly “understand” Creative Source, we allow all possibilities to exist, and therefore experience Creative Source to the degree that we surrender and allow it.  We find that the capability of our minds to understand is far more limited that the capability of our Spirit to experience. The mind, however, can help us to expand more and more fully to experience Spirit, which then allows the mind to expand further.


So… what’s real again?


Spirit, Creative Source. This is the intention we hold. Embody Spirit. As we acknowledge the degree to which we are embedded in illusion, we hold our consciousness to Spirit and allow ourselves to be guided there. We look for where we are unwilling to hear or experience truth, where we are blocking truth to accommodate our own lower beliefs or pain, where we have fear blocking the way. The more and more levels of unconsciousness we allow ourselves to see, the more Truth we allow into ourselves. Then, the more bliss we experience, the more peace we feel, the more love we share.  This is Highest Good.

Multidimensional Healing for Conscious Vibration in the Twin Flame Relationship

After a year and a half of evolution, we’ve termed our work “Multidimensional Healing.” What does that mean? Exactly what it says! When we work with an individual, we look at not just the person as they sit with us in a body in 3d, we work with all facets of that person, affecting that person, connected with that person, which we are able to see.  As we move into a time on Earth when collective consciousness slowly begins to awaken to the one-ness of all, so we are all more and more affected by the one-ness of all. It’s true that we are all one, and it’s also true that within that one-ness we are operating at different vibrations.

We talk about this work as it relates to the Twin Flame relationship, because we’re both twin flames and that’s the relationship we’re in. However, this work relates to all who are on a journey toward healing and greater consciousness, whether the work is done individually, or in any type of relationship.

I (Emily), have been using myself as a science experiment in healing for many years, and so it’s easy for me to use myself an example of how this type of healing may look.

Let’s look at this morning… I woke up with negative thoughts and my mind was looping, I’ve also had extreme pain alternating between the right and left sides of my spine for a few days, manifesting in constricted neck movement, shoulder/heart tension, sciatic pain, IT band pain, and inner leg line weakness, and in a lot of less physical ways.

So I began my healing work this morning by clearing energies very broadly. I found that first of all, the negative thoughts and energies of others were affecting my energy field, and so I cleared that energy not just from my energy field, but for everyone whose energy I was experiencing. Because there are some unresolved tensions in my own relationships, the collective negativity was playing out through the stories that apply to my own life, and being magnified by luciferic energies.

As it relates to the mind, I have found that I need to clear the brain, mental grid, psychic space, and perceptual grid really frequently. For me if I have any looping thought, if my thoughts are focusing on other’s behavior, if I have any thought that is not tied into a physical experience somewhere in my body, or thoughts that I have no idea why I’m having, or if I’m not able to see the etheric plane clearly, it’s a sign that I’m experiencing mental energy of some kind that is not mine. These things always go away when I clear the correlated energy field. I also find that I have a very hard time seeing what’s really going on in any other way if I don’t clear energies in the mental space first. Before I can do any deeper healing work, I need to be able to see clearly.

I also need to be able to feel clearly, which typically requires that I do a general clearing of my aura and broadly for everyone who I am connected with. This usually means that I clear the Nadis, Galactic and Grounding Cords, various layers of the aura, and then imbalances in any chakras. After clearing density, I can feel precisely enough to see what’s really going on.

Today, I saw that the physical pain I have been experiencing is related to inner masculine and feminine energies clearing and re-balancing. I’ve taken action lately that is a higher manifestation of masculine energy (conscious power) than has ever been experienced in my ancestry, and so it has been necessary to do clearing work on these ancestral energies at the level of my DNA, and for my ancestry. There have been curses associated with this as well. The pain manifested when Robert connected in to old template masculine energy in his ancestry, which I experienced. At the same time my inner feminine has been upgrading. Childhood wounding created a hole in the left side of my second chakra which has been healing over time, and the ancestral feminine energy that’s clearing in me is of the collapsed variety, and so there is a need to clear this within the DNA and through the ancestry as well.

I spent time working through all the facets of this that were available for me to see this morning. What are all the nuances of imbalance I am experiencing, where are they coming from, what weakness are they illuminating within me, what are they illuminating collectively, and how can I clear them?

So what does this mean physically? Weakness on the left side of the second chakra (low back) and binding on the right side of the second chakra were clearing simultaneously, but in polarity with one another and without a clear vision of what a new balance in that area looks or feels like. Thus, severe back pain radiating all over my body!

It was radiating through my legs because there was a need for me to upgrade my grounding cord and root chakra, which correlate with lifetimes of ‘failing’ at my soul work and fear of being harmed for being in my truth, and to ancestral templates of security equating to unhappiness.

Now why did it go to the neck? Because there are thoughts and beliefs associated with these energetic manifestations in the base of my brain, and so these need to be cleared as well. I also find that related to ancestral thought and belief patterns, negative energies from throughout the galaxy are typically involved in keeping them hidden. Archons also typically need to be cleared at this point, as tentacles from Archons will always keep things unclear.

Compounding all of this is having had many past lives of manifesting these energies in various ways, and so each flavor of lower level masculine/feminine from not only this life and ancestry, but from past lives, needed to be neutralized. Finally, the inner flow between masculine and feminine needed to be rebalanced. And then whoa-la, no more pain!

For the moment, and in this layer!

The thing is, each time we clear a layer of energy, a new one is revealed. But it gets easier and easier.  And basic physical practices like eating well and in attunement with what our bodes need (for which we use Ayurveda and herbal medicine), exercising (for which we use yoga, qi gong, and integrative fitness), connection with Nature (we go camping and spend lots of time at the beach), maintaining a healthy home vibration (cleaning regularly, using EMF devices, smudging and clearing/protecting our space), continually filling our hearts (through our individual spiritual practices, spending quality time together, writing music, and nurturing one another and ourselves), and lots of other tiny details that may seem insignificant alone, but all together add up to a beautiful tapestry of bliss, we keep going forward and experiencing life at a level we never could have imagined.

We do the same work with our clients. So, muldimensional healing looks at what is going on, however it’s presenting- mentally, physically, emotionally-  then looks at all the dimensions to find out what is really going on in the bigger picture, and then works with all layers involved. It does not matter where we start, we are always taken on an energetic journey to get to the root of the matter. We have seen illnesses cleared, pain go away, emotional struggles released, psychological imbalances healed, and relationships soar.

And we are the evidence of our own work. We aren’t perfect by any means, but the rapid evolution we’ve been able to achieve in ourselves is shocking even to us.

This is not about separating ourselves, this is about bringing consciousness to what is really going on and clearing for everyone involved. That is how we raise the vibration collectively through what may appear to be doing our own individual work. We are all one, and any work we do for ourselves and those we’re connected to has a ripple effect. We can’t expect results in other, as all have free will and can choose to accept or reject healing, but we can live in the experience of our own ascending vibration evidenced through greater and greater peace, happiness, contentment, and healing power, and allow that vibration to affect those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

I felt so good… what happened!??

Current times are vibrationally chaotic, and if we forget to be in awareness of the collective, we can begin to mistakenly take personally energy that is not really ours. The truth is we are a vibrational collective. “We,” meaning everything… humans, animals, trees, plants, the earth, and all the subtle beings that exist around us. The illusion where we as humans often begin, is believing that we are distinct, individuals, and not connected to the people around us or the environment we live in. As we awaken to more subtle truths, we come to understand our interconnectedness more and more fully. Perhaps we begin to feel the energy of other people, perhaps we realize that time in nature de-charges us, perhaps we come to understand that particular vibrations make us feel better than others. The entry point is different for everyone, and no one path on the journey of awakening is any better or more valuable than another. How boring life on Earth would be if there were a standard template of awakening to follow!  Where is the adventure in that!

At the beginning of the journey of awakening, we can think that we will feel the ecstasy of that first “knowing” forever. We can think we’ve arrived, and that we suddenly know all there is to understand in the universe. For some, it is true that awakening is a sudden lightning bolt experience, for the vast majority of the rest of us, it is something that happens gradually, over time, and is interwoven with challenges that give us the opportunity to learn our soul lessons.  The more we journey toward our subtle truth, the more sensitive we become to energies around us, the more impacted we are by what is going on in the world.

It can feel very scary at times. We say yes to this path, and we may feel wonderful for a while and believe that our lives will only get better and better. Then suddenly something dark comes, and we don’t know what happened! There are many powerful, effective, and precise tools we can use to work through these things, and the gift is that we become more and more powerful along the way.

Clearing our energy fields is an important part of this journey. Often times, physical and emotional pain, negativity, challenging thought patterns, and other suffering we experience are not ours at all. We begin to experience the collective at a personal level, and if we are not aware of what’s ours and what’s not, we can spiral in suffering that is unnecessary.  If we attempt to solve these problems with traditional medicine, we can end up being diagnosed with diseases we don’t have, or taking medication we don’t need.

This does not make us victims!  In fact, our ability to experience collective suffering at the personal level gives us the opportunity to see more clearly, and the corresponding power to clear that energy within ourselves, and to send that vibration of clearing outward. We can become transmitters of healing without ever needing to say a word!

People often ask what “clearing” means. It’s essentially the same as detoxifying the body, however it’s done at the subtle level.

At a high level, our personal energy systems each consist of layers of energy.  The most dense is at the physical layer, correspondent with the body. The etheric layer extends several inches outward of the physical layer.  The emotional layer is next, followed by the mental layer, the buddic layer, the atmic layer, and the galactic layer.  These can be correlated to the koshas described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Within the subtle layers of our aura, we can experience the energies of others, we hold energies from our families and ancestries, we hold energies from past life experiences, we can experience obstructions that are imposed from ourselves and from others. To clear these away, we need only to see that they are there, and ask for them to be removed.  Subtle beings are helpful to work with when clearing our energy fields. Archangel Michael, for example, is wonderfully helpful in general clearing and protection.

As we practice clearing, it will become easier to intuitively feel, see, know, and understand what we are experiencing, and we can begin to interact with our subtle energy fields as intuitively as we would exercise or eat food to help our bodies feel better. When our bodies catch germs and we become sick, we rest, eat well, and support our bodies to heal.  We need only upgrade our awareness and personal power to begin to understand when our energy fields pick up “germs” from others, and stay clear to feel healthy at the subtle level as well.

All wellness is within our reach, we simply need to allow ourselves to be more in tune with our intuition and subtle senses, and learn the tools to navigate the subtle realm with the same finesse we may walk around the physical world!



Indigo & Crystal Kids

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about Indigo and Crystal kids, from parents wanting to know more about their children’s sensitivity, to some Indigo’s showing up at our workshops, to people being brought into our lives with sensitive little ones in tow. More and more of our work is in helping parents upgrade their energy systems in order to be more consciously present for the sensitive souls they have as kids.

We love these kids! They are magical, unique, vibrant, dynamic, and astonishingly self aware and forward thinking. Every encounter with one of them teaches us something profound, and we are so grateful that they’ve come to Earth to show us a new way!

Challenges unique to Indigos and Crystals present in many ways. One in particular we’ve seen shockingly prevalent is challenges to the digestive system that began very early in life from an inability of their incredibly sensitive energy systems to handle the dense emotions and energies present on Earth, whether it’s in a parent, grandparent, or general living situation. The gut holds the Enteric Nervous System (ENT), a historically ignored, but increasingly recognized neural network that some say is even more powerful than the brain. The stress of having energetic sensitivity that’s often incomprehensible to their caregivers, and no way to communicate what they are feeling, leads to density in the ENT and tension and maladaption of the digestive tract

Often these kids see ghosts, feel negative energies, and are aware of subtle dynamics that others can’t see. They might seem overly tentative, anxious, scared to be around other people. They also might show aberrant behavior, acting out instead of going within. They are not crazy! The things they see, experience, and feel are really there, and it’s important that we create a space where they feel comfortable to share without fear of being told they’re wrong or fear of being taken to a doctor or psychologist who will only compound the issue by further forcing these kids into ways that don’t resonate with their Souls.

They will also manifest physical pain in reaction to particularly stressful situations, in reaction to others’ energy, and it can look as though there is something medically wrong. Our collective thinking still does not take into consideration the energetics of experiencing pain that does not require medical intervention, but really only requires a clearing of energy and sometimes a slight change in circumstance or situation, in order for it to be released in moments. (Earlier waves of sensitive souls experience varieties of this too, and we’ll write more about diagnoses like fibromyalgia and other auto immune disorders that are often given to people when western medicine can’t explain what’s going on).

In addition, some of these kids are simply living in bodies that are more evolved than western medicine understands, and so the paradigm of chemically altered nutrients which has been accepted as the ‘norm,’ leads to these kids being labeled with ‘disorders.’ In fact, these kids live in bodies which are designed to live healthy and vibrantly in the paradigm of Earth that we just haven’t arrived in yet.

Often these kids are given medication and forced through treatment protocols that only shut down their sensitivity even more than they naturally did to cope as small children. Then they take on even more maladaptive behaviors because they are made to think there is something wrong with them. All because our society is still expecting from kids a way of being that hasn’t caught up to energetic changes that are really and truly going on in the greater cosmic scheme of things, whether we like it or not.

Many of these kids came here specifically to be the vessels which usher Earth into a new age of consciousness. Often they chose to incarnate into circumstances where they would experience particular vibrations and challenges so that they would have the experience and context to be powerful forces for change in their coming of age.  But they often also have soul agreements with those of us who can see them for who they really are, and we’re in their lives so we can help them through the pieces that are hard.

The truth as we currently see it is that Earth is moving out of a time of great darkness, and into a beautiful and vibrant new age of sensitivity and awareness. We are being called collectively to face our darknesses individually and collectively, to truly take responsibility for all aspects of our selves, and release all entangled, codependent, fear and shame based, blaming, victim, self righteous, and other lower level ways of being.

As it relates to these beautiful souls that have come through us and those around us, it is our responsibility as vibrationally conscious adults is to upgrade our understanding of what is ‘normal,’ what is ‘disease,’ what is ‘disorder,’ and release the need to categorize and pigeonhole what these kids are experiencing through an old paradigm. Let’s release the need to consciously or unconsciously shame a sensitive kid by saying there is something wrong with what they actually experience and feel!  What if people who can tolerate gluten are the ones with the maladaption? What if people whose energy systems are so shut down they can’t experience the feelings of others are the ones who need to change? What if our educational system if still living in an old and ineffective way of dealing with kids?

These sensitive kids are here to help us, they are here to show us a new way. Let’s not shut them down by forcing them to be ‘wrong’, ‘diseased’, or ‘different’ just because they don’t fit into the commonly accepted paradigm of what we understand.  Let’s not make their work any harder than it needs to be.

If you’re new to Indigo’s and Crystals, the internet is full of great resources. Here’s one to get started:  https://www.gaia.com/article/23-ways-to-recognize-crystal-children.


The Dust Settles, for now…

We’ve been busy over the last fifteen months since beginning the full time phase of our twin flame union, like really, really, busy. Despite the amazing guidance of various twin flame guides, we were not prepared for the 3d experience of a what the Universe threw at us. We were also completely committed to being together, and to doing whatever was needed for that to become a harmonious experience. So we’ve learned a lot along the way, and we’re grateful that through it all we have both had an unfailing knowing at the level of the soul that we’re on the right path.

Now that a lot of the bigger obstructions that hindered our way have softened or cleared, we’d like to begin sharing some of our experience. There are things we went through for which we could not find guidance anywhere, and we know that these are some of the particular nuances we’re meant to offer others.

The ego smashing is the worst part… and what we mean by that is all the subtle ways we had to recognize our egos manifesting as the Universe brought about situation after situation to reveal them. We both REALLY fought this process, and instead of just surrendering to be cleansed, we fought, blamed others, justified ourselves, and energetically ran away from one another. None of this worked when all we both wanted was to be together, peacefully, and neither of us were willing to surrender to enabling the others’ less clear ways of being!

So while we’ve been together for fifteen months, we’ve also both been on our individual journeys of clearing and healing. We have been physically together this whole time, but on an energetic level we’ve separated and come back together with more clarity over and over again. Along the way our shared soul work has carried us through. Even in times of energetic distance, we have always been able to come together as healers and put aside all ego and pettiness to be of service where we’re called.

In these moments from where we write this, our experience of gratitude, humility, acceptance, and peace, is beyond anything either of us have ever experienced before. It’s ironic, because both of us previously lived spiritual lives, were known in various circles as wonderful healers, and were people others aspired to be like! And in those past times we both really were living spiritual lives to the best of our abilities, yet lived in circumstances where the less clear parts of ourselves were enabled, justified, or allowed to remain below the surface. No longer! And despite the pain it took for them to clear, our gratitude for freedom from these things abounds.

We know that this time of peace is not the end of all struggle, that there are still more things to clear, that more will be revealed along the way. Life on Earth keeps going on, but there are things we understand now which we find to be profound.

One of the major energetic shifts that we have come to an intimate understanding with is the projection of our own energy to others for the purpose of satiating our own egos, however subtle. We’ve come to understand this mainly through the pain each of us feel when someone else comes along and does the same thing to us.  It happens everywhere, is even spiritualized in many circles. At this point we’ve shielded ourselves enough that ripples can no longer be caused, and we’ve purified our own senses of self to no longer need energetic feedback or validation in the same way from others on the Earth plane. Yet people still sometimes try to probe us for their own feedback. It’s especially harmful and strong between the sexes, and we regularly notice that men shoot their energy into Emily and women shoot their energy into Robert, and the feeling of being violated is profound.  Energetic clarity in this way is a big part of our soul work on Earth, and we are looking forward to sharing more.

We have also come to a deep understanding of old ancestral masculine and feminine templates, especially related to relationship and family. Both of our ancestries contain a significant amount of imbalance in this way, and we’ll be writing more about templates of normalized psychological abuse and other unclear relational behaviors that over time have come to be acceptable ways of living within the collective. We are intimately familiar with the brain patterns associated with this, with implants and external/alien/galactic energies that pray on these weaknesses, and with the processes of clearing, strengthening and healing one’s self after becoming free from such external imbalance.

And there is so much more……

One of the most amazing factors in all of this is that clearing in ourselves all that we wanted to resist is exactly the process that’s led us to understand the very specific healing techniques which directly target these issues. There’s no more grasping to call white light into our aura for protection, there’s no more desperately praying for something to be taken away, there’s no more self flagellation for not being able to heal recurring problems.  Healing techniques and religious systems of old are amazing, and within every one of them are seeds of profound truth, however we’ve found that buying into all that’s been built around these truths dilutes what’s real. With the opening of the galactic realm to more and more people on Earth, methods of profound and direct healing are available that allow us to transform faster.

We’ve done a lot of this together, and so we have a deep understanding of the energetic inter-relatedness of the twin flame energy. We also have the experience of having been subconsciously energetically connected for thirty five years- that’s thirty two years longer than we even knew one another existed in real life!

Our service to the world lies in our willingness to use ourselves as guinea pigs for the healing we then get to offer others.


Sacred Feminine Chakra Healing

Feeling the root chakra grounded into the source energy of the Universe, available to float where I’m guided, trusting that all factors of my physical experience on Earth will be cared for in return for freeing myself to be of service wherever I am led…..

Experiencing the full vibration of creativity which naturally flows from my womb, my second chakra, that place designed to create and bring forth magnificence to the world as shakti dances at the core and delightful uniqueness beyond my wildest dreams is born….

Embodying these vibrations of Divine Truth, knowing there is always more to come, knowing there is always more to clear, knowing there is always a layer yet to be seen, gratitude overflows.  How absolutely magnificent to be living a Spiritual life on Earth!

And yet there have been times along the way of great struggle, great suffering, great pain, and great resistance. I have identified with vibrations that I never in a million years considered could be transformed, there have been layers of resistance within me that I didn’t even know were there, and yet here I am, looking back over this journey so far and finding it strange to have ever been where I’ve was in those times.

Other wounds are far closer. Still open in places, healing, and easily ripped a little apart with the slightest agitation.

Having grown up in a very ‘normal’ place, being born into an ancestry with dense masculine/feminine imbalance, having been raised in a vibration that was cut off from the feminine as Divine Form, there has been quite a lot of energy from which I’ve become free. The first and second chakras have been dominated with fear of financial and economic insecurity, fear that there was something wrong with the authentic vibration of me, fear that if I don’t buy in to the ‘old’ way of life and masculine/feminine interaction I’ll be harmed in some way, manipulative energies laid on top of my authenticity used to elicit reactions from others that would allow me to get my lower self way, and the list goes on.

The journey of allowing myself to bring these less than admirable traits to the light, to understand that many of them had little to do with me, and more to do with my ancestry, past lives, other energies, and the collective consciousness on Earth, and that in fact I came here specifically to experience them, bring them up to clear, and have the new experience of, being free…. it has been one of the most brilliant transformation.

I am so grateful to be on this path, to use myself as a science experience on this journey to the light, to find out what works and what doesn’t, to continually see new levels of resistance in myself, to see new levels of growth in myself, and in doing all of this have so much to offer the women around me.

The next step of our journey together will be the third and fourth chakras, and as time moves forward to February 19th, I find that there are more and more pieces of myself coming to the light to be cleared. My heart is opening more and more, and I am so excited to offer a space for us all to have this transformation together- in whatever way is needed for each of us.

We are not alone.  I can’t wait to hear your stories. I can’t wait to hear what you each have to share!