Emily Laine (Woniya Nana  is an Intuitive and Energy Transformer who works with the Akashic Field, Twin Flame Energetics, Multidimensional Perspectives, and Quantum Transformation. Her private sessions work with the unique intentions and energetics of each individual under the guidance of Spirit and each person’s Highest Guides.

Emily’s journey in consciousness began in her early twenties when she began spontaneously hearing clairaudient Sanskrit mantras. At the time, having grown up in a very rural town in Pennsylvania and being prior to the popular spread of yoga and meditation, she had no idea what was happening and her first thought was that she was going crazy! She intuitively knew the language she was hearing was Sanskrit, though she didn’t know what that was, and was eventually guided to the spirituality section of Borders Books where she found the Lotus Sutras and some other books about Buddhism which opened her to the reality she was connecting with.

The mantras felt so deep and real that she began chanting daily, and the Buddhist concepts she read gave her the feeling of truth she’d been seeking.

At the same time, Emily was bound in significant trauma which she lacked tools to truly heal, despite lots of therapy. She was working full time in Information Technology (despite her bachelors degree in English and Music Performance!), volunteering at a local domestic violence organization, going to school at night, and found that a yoga class at the local gym was the thing she looked forward to most. After a year or so of attending that class weekly, she finally got the courage to approach the teacher and ask how she could learn more.

This led Emily to Marni Task’s Jivasara Yoga Teacher Training, which changed everything about her! There are so many miracles that have happened in Emily’s life since this time.

Very quickly after her first yoga teacher training, she moved to California. Whilst continuing to work in IT and teaching some yoga classes on the side, she completed several more yoga teacher trainings, received her Ayurvedic Practitioner Training from the California College of Ayurveda, studied herbalism with members of the American Herbalist Guild, and began practicing Kriya Yoga.

One of her IT jobs took her to Abu Dhabi, from where she had the opportunity to travel frequently to Sri Lanka, Sweden, London, and India, and there she found profoundly impactful teachers. Mithila Kara and Jonathan Monks guided her in a way of movement beyond anything she’d experienced before, and this is when the trauma began to heal.

Many other teachers have been part of Emily’s spiritual journey, and she leaves their names out of writing to respect their privacy.

In 2014 Emily’s world began changing again when Spirit flipped everything upside down and in 2015 Emily met her Twin Flame, Robert. Then everything flipped inside out! Simultaneous with a radical energetic awakening, Emily learned about twin flame energetics from Jill Miller and Remi Thiverge, about the Akashic Records from many teachers including Susann Taylor Shier, and experienced the awakening of many past life medicines within her. She also began receiving direct guidance from a wide variety of 3d teachers and guides.

Now, Emily integrates all of her personal medicines, training, experience, and primarily allows herself to be a channel of Spirit to help others. An intergalactic and multiuniversal energy transformer, founder of ASR, and creator of the Multidimensional Consciousness & Embodiment Training, she offers private sessions, facilitates soul transformation, channels Source healing, and serves the world in whatever way Spirit asks.


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Om Namah Shivaya, Dear Souls! I’m thrilled to be channeling Spirit for the healing of all beings on Earth, and welcome you to join me for whatever offerings call to you!

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