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Sarah is a blueprinter soul who has a strong calling to help create a better earth and to assist in upgrading earth’s vibration. She works intuitively with the Akashic Records, as well as elemental and animal medicines. She is also a medium and works with the afterlife on a daily basis. Her work is tailored to each individual but her intention is to guide others to embody more wholeness within themselves so that their journey on earth is just as magical as they truly are on the inside. All sessions with Sarah include working in your Akashic Records and are guided by your higher self.

Sarah is a highly sensitive soul who from a very young age did not feel like it was ok to express herself. She grew up in a multicultural household and always felt a bit far-out. She intuitively felt very connected to earth and space but didn’t think anything of it.

Unfortunately, Sarah did not have the skills to cope with life on earth as a sensitive soul and found substances early on in her journey.  She worked as a makeup artist seeking to add fun and color to the world. While she functioned well and it appeared she was doing something she loved, on the inside she was dying.

In 2014 Sarah met someone very special who changed her life forever. It was a divine intervention and it was made very apparent that things needed to shift in a big way. Although she could not do it on her own, the universe  made it happen!

She went through a major dark night of the soul and lost almost everything, but most importantly she lost herself. However, she knew there was a spark of light within herself pulling her forward. Sarah could sense her friend that had recently passed around her and although she still didn’t feel like she belonged, she felt a sense of peace being on the earth and connecting to her friend.

About a year later, she found yoga and started exploring mediumship classes. Sarah quickly fell in love with yoga and the afterlife and knew she had to teach. She signed herself up for teacher training as soon as she could! Sarah has also learned trauma informed yoga, as well as mindful resilience instruction for veterans. She has sat in various mediumship circles stemming from the UK to help build her skill set so she can be of service to others.

Some time after, she went through some physical difficulties that pushed her to change everything again and opened the doorway to alternative healing modalities. She dove into topics such as Ayurveda that opened her perspective to the world of eastern medicine. She holds a certification as a health counselor although she does not currently practice.

In 2019, she met Emily and Robert who were such a light for her. She felt intuitively guided to work with them and since then having done their multidimensional training amongst other wonderful courses they teach; she feels a sense of wholeness and fulfillment within herself she cannot explain! She hopes the work she does with others will help them feel the same.

Her soul’s mission is to help others embody more wholeness within themselves as well as the world around them in all things: earth, space, animals, and of course us humans.

Sarah’s journey with ASR began many moons ago and she has not been the same since! She offers a variety of private sessions, mediumship coaching, elemental journeys and more.


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