Connecting Daily

After the crazieness of the summer energies, I spent September trying to find ways to reconnect and ground, to connect with my inner spirit. Taking daily walks around my neighborhood is one of my favorite things to do to help clear my energy and find myself, but during the tumultuous summer months I forgot. So, I committed to walking a few times a week and now I’m walking almost every day. I crave doing it and I crave the feeling of connectedness I have with my neighborhood and with nature. It helps bring me to my center every morning before I begin my day.

There is a gully near my house that has a variety of paths you can walk in and despite all my walking over the years of living here.. I rarely go down there! So yesterday I decided to take a walk down there and it was beautiful to really deeply be in nature, even in the midst of a large city.

I encourage each and every one of you to find a simple way to connect each and every day in the ways that really make your heart sing!  Sometimes in the midst of chaotic times, we forget how to reconnect with our hearts.  A great suggestion is to create a list of things that bring you joy and when you are feeling a compression of energy, bring out the list and pick one thing to do.  It doesn’t have to be long or you don’t have to commit to doing it everyday.. but for 5 min simply allow yourself to immerse in that one thing that brings you joy.

Much love and peace – Nic

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It is my belief that all children are born spiritually sensitive or spiritually gifted.  I believe it is only through the process of being educated by a formulaic society that children lose their connection to Source, as they are not taught to continue nurturing this connection, but instead that it is not “normal” or “appropriate” to do so.

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But this is in our nature. This is the cycle. We break free from what’s safe to go outside, until the next thing and then maybe we get a push to go out into the wild once more, and then we find the next thing. This is life. There is nothing wrong with where you are at. This is the cycle of life. It’s natural to want to hold on to what’s safe. But we totally don’t have to.. We don’t know what’s around the corner. Sometimes we need a push to be able to see it though.

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I learned to surrender through it and live my life the best that I could with the circumstances I was given. I had to lose everything, to remember who I was. I had to have my body, mind and spirit shattered to find what I was here to do. had to see everything was happening within me.

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We are able to trust our guidance, our intuitive knowledge. We remember who we truly are. We are free to express ourselves. Free to express ourselves in our creations. It is the judgment, restrictions and opinions of others that get in the way of us appreciating our art work. Listen to your inner knowing. Listen to yourself. Because you know. You are beautiful. You have so much beauty you don’t even know.  

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  1. I love this Nic! I’ve been so grateful for the new four legged in my life, because he insists I never skip a walk! Even when I was only able to walk a few steps or really slowly, the connection of participating in the sacred whole through my feet on the ground and my heart to the sky is such a powerful clearing 🌀

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