Earth Healing Services

Hi Beautiful Souls!

Below are bits and pieces of my own journey as well as inspirations for why I am offering the work I am to help the planet and all beings heal.

I also wanted to take a moment to honor the souls in the medicine village who are journeying with me, standing in their power and offering their work to the world as well at such a crucial time on earth! You’re all amazing and I wouldn’t be who I am today without each of you and thank you for your light. 


Pelican Mediumship Sessions are a direct inspiration from the loss of my best friend 6 years ago and I would never be doing the things I am if it wasn’t for him. He was someone who loved to be of service yet so funny, joyful and very much the life of the party. He has been such a light in my life on earth/ and on the other side as well as such a stable force throughout my awakening when things were so dark. He helps me with all the stuff that I do; continuously pushes me forward and makes me laugh along the way. Early on after he passed, I did a lot of healing with mediums who helped me heal from his passing and establish my own connection with the pelicans on the other side. These sessions are designed to do the same over time for you <3

Empowering The Medium was created to help support other mediums on the journey. Mediumship is the most AMAZING gift! However it can be difficult, overwhelming and tricky to navigate. I personally would not have been able to do it alone and so I would like to offer support to those just like me who need support navigating their Mediumship! 

Dark Night of the Soul: 

Owl Soul Sessions were divinely guided for me to offer from ASR’s Aligning the Energy Field Class. It is a tremendous honor to be able to humbly offer this work. I personally roamed the internet for help specific to the dark night of the soul for myself and others and did not find anything sustainable or relatable; so I wanted to create the space for others to get the help that they need because I truly know how hard it is.  It can be a lonely journey and we may not be able to see where we are going. I truly get how difficult it is to go through it and so I’d like to guide others who are in that place. For those wanting to know more about me; I am happy to share privately about my experience, strength and hope.  <3 

Elemental Healing:

Bear Wisdom Sessions were created as I have the Bear in the North of my Medicine Shield. The Bear ALWAYS guides me within so I can go without. The Bear has given me the Strength and the Wisdom to sit with Spirit when needed, to align myself with my individual process even if it is different from others or societies norms. I’d like to offer this space for those seeking to follow their hearts and dreams that are spirit given; and those seeking to align with their own divine flow. The Bear is always in alignment with what his soul needs! Even if it seems crazy to all the others. It is simple; it is pure and the natural elements are able to bring that through. 

Energy Alchemy with Otter and Raven are heart centered sessions for those guided to work with my particular vibration. Sometimes we are drawn to certain people and we don’t know why but our soul guides us to them! This totally happened to me and if you feel this way; this space is for you! The Otter is curious and playful and the Raven is full of magic <3

Land Clearing Course

This course was created utilizing Whale Medicine. My soul constantly drives me to clear for various lands over many lifetimes. There is so much opportunity for our own healing within the land that bears fruit when we just go for it. It is a wonderful service to the earth utilizing the simplicity of the elements for all things over all timelines. If you are specifically driven to clear the land just like me; this is a safe space for you to take at your own pace. 


I offer these Elemental Journeys for those seeking a short healing who wish to align with a particular vibration. The elements are with us always and I have received so much clarity within them . 

I am also a blueprint translator, and In the future I may offer blueprinter translations about the current state of the world <3

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the work I offer; and I am super willing to work through any scheduling conflicts that may arise <3


Love, Sarah

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