And so we follow the elements on a journey of multidimensional transformation, broadening our own understanding, expanding our awareness, enhancing our healing abilities, unveiling new lenses of understanding, emerging as more powerful medicine people, walking forth as agents of the light, and transforming earth.

~Take this journey for yourself, take this journey to heal others, or take this journey for whatever intention calls you. Be who you really are.~

Courses begin 2019 | Request Additional Info Below

6 Modules:

Earth: Ayurveda & Native American Healing
Air: Interactive Energy Anatomy & Sensory Uptunement
Water: Multidimensional Yoga & Kinesiology
Fire: Energy Clearing & Personal Power
Ether: Galactic Realm, Earth out of Time, Embody the Soul, Akashic Field
Elemental Master: Capstone project presentation & emergence

Online & In Person:

Enroll in one module, select modules, or all modules. Many modules will take place virtually; several modules will be in the form of ceremony and take place in person in Southern California



We deeply respect the governing boards which credential the various traditions we have studied and which are included in this training. At the same time, as Earth moves into a new age, we find that the seeds of truth within each tradition align with new paradigm seeds of truth held within the souls who have incarnated on Earth in this time. The traditions have massive power and uncover old and new knowledge already held within. Therefore, we have created the Multidimensional Healing Arts Certification to pass forward these seeds of truth on a journey of guiding individuals in unlocking various levels of their innate knowledge and healing abilities, and birthing more authentic and powerful transformers to the world. Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits available.