Lone Wolf Syndrome

Lone Wolf Syndrome

Maybe you happen to be a lone wolf on your journey too. Forging and trudging on your path. Maybe you can’t relate to anyone. Maybe you can’t talk to your family about what is going on with you, because they will think you are crazy. Maybe your old friends just don’t get it anymore or even if they do, they don’t really get the depth of what you’re going through. You don’t really quite fit anywhere and if you are in a community; you don’t think you quite fit in there either. Your friends and family may fade in and out. You are lucky if you have a pet. You can’t really find any friends that really get YOU and all of who you are. Nobody really does. So you struggle alone. If you let anyone in, they have no idea what you are going through and it almost makes it worse to talk about. But not talking, that sucks too. 

You are aware you are on your own journey and your own path and as much as you long for connection, you are just kind of over people being in and out of your life.  So being a lone wolf kind of works. 

          You may accept your condition. Sometimes you may enjoy it. But the longing remains. You know deep inside you long to be a member of the pack! Not outside, but inside the pack. You long for your pack members! Maybe you thought you had found your pack before, but it didn’t work out so you became a lone wolf. Ok with being alone and on the outskirts of society. Even though you LONG for connection. 

         I’d say, your pack members are out there. You just haven’t found them yet. Or they were just meant to come in for that portion of your life so you could learn, lick your wounds in the forest and then create space for new ones. I’d say don’t give up. Don’t give up on finding your pack. Maybe the pack consists of other lone wolves like you.  

        Be brave and open up because it’s good for you. Forgive. Love. Be a part of the world. The world needs you. You have a place in the world even if you haven’t found it yet. Most often then not, the home you are looking for is within you. As you get comfortable with being at home with yourself, notice if there are any pack members wanting to come into your life. Don’t reject them or try not to. For it’s an opportunity to connect and to learn and grow. I think you should seize the day!

        We are stronger together than alone. No matter what has happened in your life, or when the lone wolf syndrome got triggered, 


         I hope you find your pack. Maybe you will find the members weaving in and out of your life. Some are here to go, some are here to stay. But I hope you find your pack. Because you so deserve one. And remember to howl at the moon when you do!

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