Jenny Laszlo

Jenny Laszlo


Jenny’s purpose is to empower others as they are, holding space that both allows and reminds others to see themselves as they truly are, as their highest and already divine expression.

Jenny is a multidimensional healer with a specific focus on divine feminine energy, and working with spiritually sensitive children. Jenny is certified by ASR as a Multidimensional Healer, and has been studying with them since early 2018. Jenny is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher, and a certified Body Temple Teacher, which focuses on Somatic expression and experiencing of feminine energy. Jenny has spent over a decade exploring, and studying all aspects of spirituality and intuitive gifts and honing her own, including clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Private Work with Jenny

Jenny children's meditation

One on One sessions for sensitive children:

Mindfulness and Somatic mediation session:

In this session we will explore mindfulness and meditation, as well as somatic awareness (i.e. how emotions show up as feelings/sensations in the body). We will also work on empowerment through self-acceptance of their own unique and divine expression by exploring and embracing who your child is and how they show up in this world.

New clients: please choose the Initial Consultation session. The first session will begin with a parent discussion (you can choose if the child is present or not), and then I will transition to working with the child, during which the parent can choose to be present or not.

Jenny Intuitive Healing

One on one sessions for adults:

Intuitive healing session (30-45 minutes):

I will work with your Akashic Records to move through a chakra healing, clearing and moving of energy, while inviting in your masters, teachers, loved ones, and guides to provide clarity, guidance and support, all while holding sacred space to call in your truest expression and divine power.

30 Minute Meditation Session:

Your choice of meditation: Mindfulness, journeying, chakra, or awareness meditation. 

Jenny Adult Meditation

30-60 Minute Meditation Session:

Your choice of meditation: Mindfulness, journeying, chakra, or awareness meditation.