Energy Healing for Imbalanced Relationship Templates


This class will journey into energy healing for sensitive souls dealing with any type of imbalanced relationship. Specifically, we will do energy healing for severe emotional/energetic difficulties related to toxic relationship templates including:

  • The impact of covert/overt control patterns
  • Negative energies working through the unhealed wounding underlying these patterns
  • Shame, Blame, Anger, Rage
  • Energies of manipulation
  • Cords, Energy Hooks, Implants, and other energetic specifics often involved
  • Soul and Relationship Agreements from this and past lifetimes
  • Physical difficulties experienced as a result of imbalanced relationship templates
  • Other energies relevant to those present.

This class is appropriate for any highly sensitive soul dealing with an imbalanced relationship of any type (romantic, twin flame, professional, ancestral/familial, etc).

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