Lowaniyapi ~ Raven Magic


The Raven IS Magic, and in this sound healing ceremony we harness the magic of spiritual transformation and energy ascension. Beginning with energy clearing, cord unplugging, and deep repair of the energy system, we access the present moment. Free of anxiety, depression, and all external energy flows, the Arcturians and other High Guides dissolve energy from this and past lives which is impacting the nervous system or stuck in any other time, place, or dimension. Magic is quantum alignment. When we are truly aligned in every bit of ourselves in a particular time and space, the linear progression of things stop, and everything become accessible.

Lowaniyapi means “Ceremony of Song,” and is the transmission of deep healing through weaving energy work with music. Surrender into your own sacred space and receive for this hour of healing.



Full Ceremony/Video Duration: 01:05:35

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