The Twin Flame’s Survival Course


This four class series will guide you through a template of transformation specifically for Twin Flames and Soul Relationships. Interwoven with Sacredness and Humor, this “Survival Course” is inspired by our personal journey and created through our experience… mistakes and successes and that which we have found to actually work!

We’ll be discussing both energetic and earth level tools and perspectives including:

  • What’s really happening in Soul Relationships?
  • Staying in power while allowing transformation in 3d and 5d
  • Merging Energy Fields
  • Handling Separation
  • Discerning energetics for self realization and sacred union
  • Animal Energy Template for Union
  • Soul Purposes & Intentions for Union
  • Holding higher perspective in the Twin Flame mirror
  • Various other essentials we have found imperative for our individual healing, mission, and union.

This course is for Twin Flames and Advanced Souls whether or not you are currently in relationship.

Our mission in this lifetime integrates Galactic and Earth medicines and is very connected to Sacredness in Relationship and Shamanic Medicine. We work in a sacred spiral of transmuting dark and embodying light, and we are focused on the integrity of Spirit in all ways on Earth.

Many of the people we work with are part of the Blueprinter Soul Group, and have soul missions to transform very difficult energies as part of their evolution and twin flame Union.