We see addictions of all kinds as a disconnection from our essential nature as Spirit.  We all have a Soul, a state of being where we feel truly at peace, and a natural rhythm that supports wellness.  Many of us become so disconnected from this truth from such an early age that we cannot remember it exists.  The forgetting is what causes us to seek outside of ourselves for things that will make us feel better, and it’s in this space that addictions lie.  We reach outside of ourselves, for comfort and support, instead of knowing that what we seek already lies within.

When substances or behaviors are repeatedly used to fill that hole, they can become addictive, regardless of whether the substance or behavior itself is independently addictive. Obviously, there are many situations where we need to deal with the addictive nature of a substance as the first stage to recovering, however, the long term journey of living a life of wellness is a spiritual one.  When we make a decision to stop one of these behaviors, we open a door to see ourselves more clearly. Many people experience this as a “moment of clarity.”  From here, we can honestly look clearly at ourselves, and the mind, body, and spirit are aligned more fully. If we take advantage of this, instead of discounting it, we can flow into consciousness of our spiritual alignment.

The road to that within place can appear to be fraught with darkness, which can keep us from looking at it, but that darkness is an illusion that’s easily conquered. All we have to do is be willing, and gently look at small pieces at a time.  It’s a process called “touch and go.”  Depending on the severity of trauma, or disconnection, the prospect of confronting the darkness within can be daunting, however when we look at it with an understanding that it is not who we are, but simply what we’ve experienced, it become easier to reframe our past and step forward from it.  We do not have to live in the energy of what we’ve been through.

Many precise tools are available to take this journey within, and it is possible to literally and completely transmute the energy of our past, and re-open and align the aspects of ourselves that have become disconnected from who we really are. “Who We Really Are,” from our perspective, is the same as being aligned with our Soul, Higher Self, or Creator, God, the Universe.  The terminology is not important to us.  We embrace all beliefs and faith systems, and honor that every individual has a unique path to follow that will support who they really are.

Our program of Spiritual Recovery works within the following format:

  • PhysicalMovement(RecovertheBody): Integrativeworkouts,QiGong,Yoga,andResistanceTraining are used in a conscious way to guide clients through healing at the physical level. In addition to the benefits of detoxification and physical fitness, thisl component of Soul Recovery is used to identify and clear impacted emotion and psycho spiritual issues which reside in the physical body. Calming of the central nervous system and releasing of fascia tissue create a stable physical basis for the healing of mind, emotion, and spirit to follow.
  • Mental (Recover the Mind): Meditation, Native Animal Medicine cards, and guided introspection are used to assist clients in identifying areas of human weakness associated with their addictive behaviors. The obsession with the mind is gradually released through teaching clients to identify their thought patterns, intervene in their own minds, and change resulting behaviors. Long term solutions are gained which clients come to rely on long after they leave treatment.
  • Emotional (Recover the Heart): Guided journeys through emotions allow clients to gently identify and process points of pain and trauma which are stuck in the emotional body and hindering growth. Live music is often used to facilitate an emotional response to the vibration of wholeness and connection, which not only opens the emotional body but provides a gateway to the spiritual field. Clients are guided through an energy clearing process which allows the density of emotion to be released, reframes times of past emotional trauma, and sends an energy of clarity to the present. Clients are then left free to be more in the moment and respond to healing with greater receptivity.
  • Spiritual (Recover the Soul): Clients are guided in connecting with their Highest Selves, and their Higher Power, through Emily and Robert’s intuitive abilities to bring the realm of Spirit to Earth. Emily works in the Akashic Field, which provides a holistic picture of each client from the time they were born. Past trauma, of which the client is usually not aware is illuminated and can be processed, and ancestral influences can be seen, which allow clients to release unconscious patterns at the level of their DNA. Robert uses the energy of Native Animal Medicine Cards learned at the mental level in combination with intuitive guidance from Spirit. As Emily and Robert help clients come to learn about and connect with a higher version of themselves, they become inspired to their life purpose at the level of the soul, and feel greater motivation to live in their truth following treatment.

We pull from the following techniques and system to guide individuals on their unique paths:

  • Intuitive Healing
  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Najinkta Blessings/ Lakota Cleansing
  • Animal Medicine Readings
  • Native American Medicine
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Herbalism
  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Spirt/Soul Channeling
  • Energy Body Clearing & Realignment
  • Childhood wound healing
  • Ancestral Clearing
  • Energetic Trauma Processing
  • Integrative Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mantra
  • Music/ Vibrational Healing