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Unraveling the Wisdom Of The Feminine

*For the purpose of this content, I am speaking of the feminine in terms of being in a female body as it is coming from myself and my experience. However, we all embody masculine and feminine energies and you are free to take what you want and leave the rest as always!

Unraveling the Wisdom Of The Feminine

We start from the wounded feminine. She does not feel safe. She feels abandoned. She cannot relax. She doesn’t want to be in her body, doesn’t want to be on earth in relation to being shamed for what she looks like. She does not feel safe or good in her body either. Her body hurts. Even though deep inside, she knows her body is home. She is enraged by the betrayal she has experienced. She wants to heal but she cannot let go. 

She is bound by the limitations of society to act and be a certain way. She cannot express herself or how she feels. Actually she feels like shit. She is criticized for her self expression. She is criticized for her creativity and bringing her creations into the world. She is misunderstood. She is taught to behave but she just can’t do it. She doesn’t feel loved. She wants to surrender and let go, but is too afraid to do it. She feels bought out or sold.

She feels she has to measure up to a certain image, but she knows that will never be her. Her trust has been broken. She has been called crazy for her inner knowing and deep self expression. She has been called names for expressing her sexuality. She is frustrated because she is having trouble creating. She has been hurt. 

Worst of all, she feels like she needs to take masculine form and try to control everything to feel safe. She is exhausted. She is overworked. She cannot rest. She cannot relax. She is taught that relaxing is laziness and has forgotten to just be. 

There is no time for her to retreat into her monthly cycle. She has forgotten how to nurture herself. She has forgotten her nature. But this is engraved deep within her. This is everything to be unraveled. She may seem weak to others, but deep inside she is so strong. How she longs to just be. Just be in the world. She longs for unity, love and to be accepted for who she is and what she looks like. 


The truth is, we don’t have to defend our right to just be. Sometimes it feels like it though. Feeling safe in our bodies is an unraveling of itself. Especially if we experienced trauma that would take us out of our body. How society thinks a woman should be like or act like now or over the years, dims our light to accept ourselves in our bodies .TO BE in our BODIES. Oh man, do our bodies need our love. I am still unraveling this and probably will be for a long time. 

You are boundless. You are limitless. You are free. 

We are able to trust our guidance, our intuitive knowledge. We remember who we truly are. We are free to express ourselves. Free to express ourselves in our creations. It is the judgment, restrictions and opinions of others that get in the way of us appreciating our art work. Listen to your inner knowing. Listen to yourself. Because you know. You are beautiful. You have so much beauty you don’t even know.  

You are fine. It is safe to relax. It is safe to be yourself. It’s ok. 

We are taught to live life in a linear way, but the feminine can also be a destructive force with what isn’t in sync with her soul. Sometimes the journey is not linear at all and it doesn’t make sense. But our womb knows. We are taught to live in an external world : more money, more power, more this. Less is more!!!!!!! That stuff will never make you who you are . You have everything you need within you ! 

My friend, you are not supposed to be a certain way ! You are just supposed to be organically you! We have forgotten our true nature to just be. To be filled with joy radiating from within. To create freely. This is all within us. It is our right to feel good, to feel pleasure. We should do what makes us feel good. This doesn’t mean do drugs, or other harmful behaviors to self or others. But we should do what makes us organically feel good and happy. 

Now, we aren’t always going to feel good and happy. That’s part of the process! 

As long as we are honoring what feels intuitive to us in all that matters! Go take that trip you have been putting off for some time because you’re scared, read that book that is longing to be finished, paint something, listen to your favorite band, be with the love of your life. Whatever it is, nurture yourself and nurture your soul.  

She is intuitive. She is wisdom. She is fun, She is playful. She is tender. She is strong. She is taking a break to rest. She is enjoyment. She is Wild. She is earthy. She is mysterious. She is innocent. She is erotic. She is sensual. She is love. She is flow. She longs for you to make it back to her knowing. The knowing of truth. She longs to let it all go and just BE.

She is within you. She is you.




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