When Our Reality Changes

Earth is undergoing a massive energetic shift, and has been for years. The changes are escalating, and will continue. I’m not so interesting in discussing the reasons for this evolution or purporting theories or philosophies about it. What I am interested in is helping people navigate it.

For sensitive/advanced souls, twin flames, and all beings who are experiencing an awakening, it can be extremely disorienting to navigate the shifts in consciousness which occur seemingly out of nowhere. We can have the experience of waking up one day to an inner reality that seems completely changed from the one we had when going to sleep the night before.

Experiencing physical difficulties, psychological challenges, emotional turmoil, and other disorienting situations in life can all occur when our multidimensional reality begins to overtake the world we previously knew.

Some people begin hearing voices, others have hallucinations, still others begin to have physical health challenges, and the symptoms are as vast as the number of people experiencing awakening. While I by absolutely no means intend to discount the legitimate treatment of genuine disorders which are best handled by a good medical or psychological professional, I’ve also met a large number of people who were given a medical or psychological diagnosis just for the sake of a diagnosis, when consciously navigating the shifts in energy underlying those symptoms proved to be a far more effective path to healing.

Part of the challenge for many of us is that we don’t know where to go or what to do when our reality begins to change. Often, there are close family members or others involved who aren’t experiencing those shifts in reality, and sometimes well meaning loved ones want to support us “getting better” by suppressing the energetic shifts so that we can keep functioning in the previous reality.

Other times when an awakening happens without a conscious support system, shifts in energy can come out in unintended ways simply because the person experiencing the awakening doesn’t have the training or experience to navigate it in a grounded way.

While centuries have shown us enlightened beings who have mastered the realm of the unseen after massive amounts of spiritual work, awakenings are happening far more broadly around the world to people who weren’t on a spiritual path in the first place. A lot of people look for a religion or other community to support their awakening, others turn to yoga, still others retreat from the world to nature, and an increasing number of people are turning to plant medicines

I truly believe that there are as many paths to awakening as there are people awakening, however we must be very conscious to ensure that we are truly owning the path that is ours. As our energy systems become more sensitive, we can be increasingly influenced by those who may have found a little enlightenment and stopped along the way for the pursuit of the ego.

What I’ve been shown, over and over through my years of navigating reality changing, is that this isn’t going to stop anytime soon. It’s important for all of us to keep evolving as Earth and the Universe do, and to allow ourselves to move through the need to latch on to any one phase of our own evolution.

Spirit is vast, incomprehensible, far bigger than any one individual. If any one of us are claiming to have found the answer, we can be sure that Coyote has come to play the trickester and we’ll be knocked off the pedestal of our ego before long!

From the perspective of Sankhya philosophy, Spirit’s desire to know itself is what has manifested in the magical dance of myriad beings, souls, spirits, manifestations, and realities that we experience in 3d and 5d. Allowing ourselves to expand and regularly continue our journey with humility, with a willingness to receive guidance when it’s needed, to share our experience when it’s what’s asked, and to transmute the illusion of individual self so continually that absolutely no judgement remains within us, may be a pathway to experiencing some of the Divine.

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