Sacred Sound Ceremony

Sacred Sound Ceremony

Sundays, 9:30 - 10:30am

Ra Yoga, Irvine Spectrum

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We are Emily Laine and Robert Layton... twin flames, transformational healers, energy dancers, sound alchemists, ceremony leaders, sacred channelers...

We are guides in the sacred spiral of spiritual transformation

Energy Healing for Childhood & Ancestry

Energy Healing for Childhood & Ancestry

March 9, 16, 23, 30, 2019

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Reflections & Writings

  • What do we really know?
    The realm of Spirit works in mysterious ways. It’s actually a funny thing, the idea that we humans might have complete knowing about anything. True, we can become celebrated experts through educational attainment and research, or deeply knowledgeable through experience, but how can anyone proclaim to know that they know the complete picture of all?  The highly ascended teachers on Earth who I’ve spent time with have all embodied a deep sense of humility in their personal practice, a profound sense of devotion, and a willingness to take action in what ever way Spirit calls, regardless of the results. Ironically, this willingness and openness is precisely what allows them to channel Sacred Truth and act as Divine Teachers to those who seek their guidance.  With that comes inner knowing, and that is a tool I personally have found more powerful than anything else. The more I seek to embody this example that’s been demonstrated to me, the more I am willing to disconnect from personal association with the wounding, blockage, and reactive tendencies that I witness within my body, and the more I allow Spirit, consciousness, to enter the dense realms of small self, the less I have any […...]

For everyone that exists, there is a Soul Path which fills all voids.
Our work is to help people find their path and take the journey of living vibrant, soul inspired lives.

Upcoming Journeys

What We Do


We offer Sacred Ceremonies that have been given to us by Spirit, some by teachers we've worked with, others through visions, direct guidance, or inspiration. These ceremonies are substance free, guided by Spirit, and bring about transformation in the way we feel, the way we think, the way we interact with the world, and the circumstaces of our lives. Enter here to learn about the various ceremonies we offer, and when you can join us.

Sound Alchemy

Sanskrit Mantra, Lakota Prayer, Energy Clearing, Channeled Guidance, and the energy of Spirit dance with accoustic guitar, harmonium, native flutes, and our voices creating a profound environment for healing and transformation. Experience our Sound Alchemy in person Sundays at 9:30am at Ra Yoga in Irvine Spectrum, or enter here to experience vibrational healing via recording (professional recordings coming soon!)

Rites of Passage

For every being that exists there is a unique path to freedom. We offer personalized healing and guidance to assist people with walking their unique paths. Through our healing options for Men and Women, we work with your individual guides to facilitate multidimensional healing, and to guide you through the rituals and rites of passage that your Soul chose to experience in this lifetime, and help you walk your path.

Sacred Union

The new paradigm of relationship is the sacred joining of two people who are unfailingly committed to the evolution of their own souls, yet also sharing the profound riches of sacred relationship. We guide couples in upgrading their relationships to sacred union, and we work with twin flames and soul mates in walking the path which weaves through 3d and 5d as we individually transform, and allow our sacred path to emerge.


We are Emily Laine and Robert Layton, Medicine People working with Intuitive Guidance, Native American Medicine, and the Akashic Field. We are twin flames in union, and we help people on the journey of transformation.


Embodying Spirit in real life on Earth is the focus of our work. We are here to help people dispel the illusion of separation between Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit. Our multidimensional healing begins wherever clients desire a more peaceful, fulfilling, and vibrant life.


We travel in the sacred spiral of receiving light, dispelling darkness, receiving more light. The result is greater peace, joy, freedom, and extensive healing. From that space we have the opportunity for a more vibrant and fulfilling existence.


More and more people are noticing the disconnect between their lives and their souls… it shows up in many forms… depression, anxiety, sadness, addiction, a feeling of not belonging, loneliness, autoimmune disorders, physical pain, a general recurrence of discontentment, a feeling that there is more to experience… if this describes you, you are not alone.


We work with anyone desiring positive change. We work with empaths, clairvoyants, healers, intuitive and other highly sensitive people whose gifts have been shut down through growing up in a world that invalidates their reality. We work with people who have used drugs and alcohol to numb out their sensitivity. We work with people transitioning out of corporate life, old relationships, and other “old paradigm” lifestyles. We work with people on the path of spiritual wellness.


We see that all is one, we deal with the spiritual and the practical, and we help people to merge the facets of themselves and their lives which may appear to be separate. As we transform our wounds, and fill with light, we have the ability to live our most subtle and intimate soul truths in each moment.


We offer private healing sessions and long term individual spiritual guidance, both in person for those local to southern California and virtually for those elsewhere. We also facilitate ceremonies, healing journey workshops and retreats, both locally and around the US. Please refer to our Calendar page for currently scheduled events, and feel free to contact us if you’re interested in hosting a workshop or retreat in your area.


Our healing work in Drug and Alcohol Treatment centers is open to those enrolled in the programs; if you are interested in finding a center where we work, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


We invite you to join us in healing, awakening, and expressing your soul authentically.


Blessings and Love,

Emily & Robert