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We are Emily Laine and Robert Layton, and we are here to help navigate the journey of spiritual awakening and vibrational ascension that so many around the world are experiencing. Some may call us Twin Flames, though we find that label to be irrelevant. What matters is the Truth of our Souls is for us to be together, to journey through our own soul work together, and use our experiences and spiritual gifts to help others.
Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here, and we look forward to being a part of your journey.
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What We Do

Energetic Transmutation for Dynamic Change

Through the guidance of Spirit we open ourselves to the experience of each individual we work with. Emily works from the Galactic Realm and Robert works from the Earth realm. Together we assist clients in clearing above, below and within, mind/body/emotion/spirit.

Emily uses the Akashic Records as her framework and guidance for facilitating transformation within clients’ energy fields. She works within people’s energy bodies and removes what is not of the current Highest Good. She will clear away dense vibrations from historical trauma, clear entanglements, remove implants, entities, and other external interference, cut cords, illuminate past life issues clouding the present life, communicate guidance from the Akashic Records and other guides and ancestors who show up to help, and generally assist in upgrading the connection with the Soul and Spirit, often helping people to connect with their Soul Purpose in this life. Robert transmits healing through Native rituals and a brilliant ability to understand clients’ experience on Earth. By working with Native and other guides, direction for connecting more fully with Spirit and walking in a Soul filling vibration on Earth is transmitted.

Transmitting healing through the vibration of music is a large part of our work in workshop and group formats.

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