Those of you on this journey of soul healing, and especially those on a twin flame journey, know how fast things change.  We come to that moment in life when there is literally no other choice than to accept the calling of Spirit and to follow whatever path is laid before us.  Even if there is no path to be seen.  We cry and scream at the Universe, we struggle to release the way we thought things would be, we shut down in defiance, we try to do it our way.  Then we learn to surrender, to trust, to be in THIS moment instead of the one back there or the one we imagine ahead.  We do the healing, we release whatever it was, we allow truth to come in, and we find out that who we are afterward is way better than anything we could have imagined or created ourselves. And then we rinse and repeat when the next big thing comes up to be transformed.


I (Emily) can say for myself, this journey is what my life has always been about- even before I had any inkling of conscious thought that I was a twin flame or realized there was a very specific, amazing, magical, being out there who is absolutely perfect for me.  Even though I always knew, if you know what I mean….

That beautiful being, Robert, and I, have known one another in this physical existence since early in 2015, and we have been through a journey thus far that, against all odds, continues to blossom and grow into more than either of us could even have imagined.  Though our relationship is truly the most magnificent experience of my life, our union is about so much more.  So, we’ve started Advanced Soul Recovery and published this website because part of the work we are meant to do on this planet is to help others come more fully into their own truth, to connect more fully with the soul.

So here we are; we’re here to help.  If you feel compelled to work with us, send us an email.  Once our workshops and virtual healings are live, join us or check out our work if you feel called.

We’ll look forward to meeting you in exactly the moment it was always meant to happen 🙂



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