Our teachers, Jill and Remi at twinflamehealers.com, have emphasized the importance of “Mission” on the twin flame journey since we began working with them last year, and this website is one manifestation of just that! Robert and I have very much come to experience in ourselves that the best antidote for the rollercoaster of emotions that can come with this particular relationship is to be doing the soul work we came here to do.  Along the way it’s been challenging for us both to understand just what the work is supposed to look like, and, especially in times of deep clearing within and between us, to have focus on being out in the world in this way.

When a deep childhood wound, or an ancestral template, or a past life issue, or anything else is triggered and comes up to be healed the experience can feel very overwhelming.  Especially in the beginning, before we had an understanding of what was really going on, our tendency was to blame each other and view the emotional intensity as a result of how the other was behaving.  But now having gone through this enough times, we very quickly can go inside ourselves and discover what it is that’s causing the pain.  Often, it’s as simple as being rigorously honest about the root of what’s coming up, and most of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with the present moment.

How fascinating it is to see that so much of what may come out in any moment has more to do with other moments than the one we’re in!!  And so we do the work to heal and clear in ourselves, and more and more find ourselves present in the NOW.

There have been times when we’ve both felt totally drowned by the intensity of emotion that comes when there are big things to heal, and we both have a base fight or flight reaction… Robert to fight, me to fly…. and a variety of old ways of being that it would be very easy to fall back on.  We have had to work very hard to bring consciousness to the critical moment of reaction, to breathe through this reaction, and to stay in softness allowing the intensity to pass… and this is when healing has the opportunity to occur.

It’s also when we learn the most, when we transform the most, and when we get to experience the profound healing work that is what we’re meant to spread on Earth.  Avoidance only keeps us small.

And so we come to Mission.  Robert and I have found that absolutely NOTHING that we go through is for nothing! Anything that we are experiencing is actually part of mission, is something we chose to go through on a soul level before entering these bodies, and gives us the experience to be more fully in service to others.

The journey is inexplicably beautiful, especially when we accept it for what it is- letting go of all desires for things to be some other way, letting go of all ideas that things should be other than they are, and softening into the gift of transformation and ascension that is the result of this acceptance.  There are many paths to God, perhaps as many paths as there are beings on the planet, and accepting the one that we chose before getting here results in the most profound joy, the most complete fulfillment, and a bliss that can’t be described in words.

Blessings to all in living YOUR journey, YOUR truth, and coming to oneness with the expansiveness of YOUR soul!

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