Over the last two years of our own twin flame journey, and recently in other twin flames we’ve worked with, we have seen a tendency to label one other with various psychological terms, condemn the others behavior and wrap it up neatly in a pathological box, or use recovery jargon to justify why the relationship will never work and shut the other person out. Since what we’ve experienced is that this NEVER works, we’d like to share some of the wisdom we’ve gained along the way in hopes that our mistakes can help others avoid the same pain and suffering.

Let’s back up a bit and look at the bigger picture. Every one of us is operating under the influence of an infinitely complex array of factors from our own childhood upbringing and conditioning, choices (both conscious and unconscious) we’ve made in this life, ancestral energies embedded in our DNA, energies and agreements from past lives we have no idea are playing out in this life, wounds from this life and past lives, choices we made at the level of the soul before ever even incarnating in this particular life, energies we empathically suck in from the people around us, etheric energies from around the galaxy, and on and on and on. Psychology simply does not account for the reality of how much is going on in the twin flame journey, OR for the rapid rate at which we begin transforming once we accept our Soul’s Path as a twin flame. Thank all the forces of good in the universe for our teachers Jill and Remi who have guided us in understanding some of all that we were previously unable to see!

As we now understand it, every one of us is a unique Soul with an absolutely unique reason for being here and an absolutely unique set of all the energies listed above to transcend. That said, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE OTHER THAN YOU knows the path to your own healing. That includes therapists, psychologists, spiritual teachers, and any other helper- and most especially the ones who tell you that they KNOW what you need to do, or who attach strings to you needing to do things their way. No one has the answer, because no one knows the complete picture of you as a being from the eyes of your soul. That journey is for each us of to become our own truth. This is the journey that will not only heal each of us individually, that will heal our twin and our relationship with our twin, but heal the world as well.

This is what we understand as to why we are here. We are here to take this journey within ourselves so that our inner transformation can reverberate around the globe and heal others as well. It all begins within.

One of the most challenging experiences on the twin flame journey is to see everything that’s wrong with our twin, and instead of harping on them to change, to shift our focus to ourselves and find what within ME is playing out here? What within me needs to be healed? We have found that the most glaring imperfections we see in one another are exactly the things we’re avoiding or justifying in ourselves. Ouch.

But what’s awesome is that it’s not personal. When we rise above the smaller self, when we rise above the ego and see that we came here specifically to experience these things, specifically to internalize them so they can be revealed and transformed, we are all in ultimate service to the Greater Good. We are the ultimate soul scientists using our 3d selves as the experiment. The more and more we connect with the Higher Self, the more rapidly we change, the more rapidly the world around us transforms. And all of us know that this world needs to change.

All that said, this journey is still hard. In the depths of a conflict where our twin appears to threaten our security, our identity, our valued sense of self, our relationships, or the whole life we’ve worked so hard to build, or the life we so desperately desire, of course we freak out. Of course we label them and find excuses for why it will never work. Of course we want to run away.  We’re in human bodies on earth, trapped in a linear existence where most of the bigger soul picture is obscured by the density of five elements and the collective consciousness of a world only on the verge of perceiving the truth of all that is really real. And this is where we make a choice. Fall back asleep or reach higher. Shut down or move powerfully forward. Point the finger outward or humbly look within. Own the Highest Self and clear all that stands in the way. Feel the emotions or find another way to avoid. Become a sheep to someone else’s path, or honor the brilliant truth within.

We have found that all behavior we could label in the other and use as an excuse to run away is transformed by our own inner healing. We turn the great eye within and ask “what is this bringing up in me to be healed?” And then we do that work. When the emotions are too hard to handle, we give them to Creator. When we can’t see the path forward, we ask Creator for guidance. And we do our best to approach one another from a vibration of unconditional love.

Our teacher Jill says that when we meet our twin it’s like our Soul path intersecting with the life path we’ve been living, and all the places the 3d hasn’t been in alignment with the soul are shot to the surface to be undone.  The more and more we come to acceptance of this, to willingly release all that is not of our Highest Good, the more we walk this path with grace and experience the Divine Light of Source in every moment of our being.

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