We’ve been busy over the last fifteen months since beginning the full time phase of our twin flame union, like really, really, busy. Despite the amazing guidance of various twin flame guides, we were not prepared for the 3d experience of a what the Universe threw at us. We were also completely committed to being together, and to doing whatever was needed for that to become a harmonious experience. So we’ve learned a lot along the way, and we’re grateful that through it all we have both had an unfailing knowing at the level of the soul that we’re on the right path.

Now that a lot of the bigger obstructions that hindered our way have softened or cleared, we’d like to begin sharing some of our experience. There are things we went through for which we could not find guidance anywhere, and we know that these are some of the particular nuances we’re meant to offer others.

The ego smashing is the worst part… and what we mean by that is all the subtle ways we had to recognize our egos manifesting as the Universe brought about situation after situation to reveal them. We both REALLY fought this process, and instead of just surrendering to be cleansed, we fought, blamed others, justified ourselves, and energetically ran away from one another. None of this worked when all we both wanted was to be together, peacefully, and neither of us were willing to surrender to enabling the others’ less clear ways of being!

So while we’ve been together for fifteen months, we’ve also both been on our individual journeys of clearing and healing. We have been physically together this whole time, but on an energetic level we’ve separated and come back together with more clarity over and over again. Along the way our shared soul work has carried us through. Even in times of energetic distance, we have always been able to come together as healers and put aside all ego and pettiness to be of service where we’re called.

In these moments from where we write this, our experience of gratitude, humility, acceptance, and peace, is beyond anything either of us have ever experienced before. It’s ironic, because both of us previously lived spiritual lives, were known in various circles as wonderful healers, and were people others aspired to be like! And in those past times we both really were living spiritual lives to the best of our abilities, yet lived in circumstances where the less clear parts of ourselves were enabled, justified, or allowed to remain below the surface. No longer! And despite the pain it took for them to clear, our gratitude for freedom from these things abounds.

We know that this time of peace is not the end of all struggle, that there are still more things to clear, that more will be revealed along the way. Life on Earth keeps going on, but there are things we understand now which we find to be profound.

One of the major energetic shifts that we have come to an intimate understanding with is the projection of our own energy to others for the purpose of satiating our own egos, however subtle. We’ve come to understand this mainly through the pain each of us feel when someone else comes along and does the same thing to us.  It happens everywhere, is even spiritualized in many circles. At this point we’ve shielded ourselves enough that ripples can no longer be caused, and we’ve purified our own senses of self to no longer need energetic feedback or validation in the same way from others on the Earth plane. Yet people still sometimes try to probe us for their own feedback. It’s especially harmful and strong between the sexes, and we regularly notice that men shoot their energy into Emily and women shoot their energy into Robert, and the feeling of being violated is profound.  Energetic clarity in this way is a big part of our soul work on Earth, and we are looking forward to sharing more.

We have also come to a deep understanding of old ancestral masculine and feminine templates, especially related to relationship and family. Both of our ancestries contain a significant amount of imbalance in this way, and we’ll be writing more about templates of normalized psychological abuse and other unclear relational behaviors that over time have come to be acceptable ways of living within the collective. We are intimately familiar with the brain patterns associated with this, with implants and external/alien/galactic energies that pray on these weaknesses, and with the processes of clearing, strengthening and healing one’s self after becoming free from such external imbalance.

And there is so much more……

One of the most amazing factors in all of this is that clearing in ourselves all that we wanted to resist is exactly the process that’s led us to understand the very specific healing techniques which directly target these issues. There’s no more grasping to call white light into our aura for protection, there’s no more desperately praying for something to be taken away, there’s no more self flagellation for not being able to heal recurring problems.  Healing techniques and religious systems of old are amazing, and within every one of them are seeds of profound truth, however we’ve found that buying into all that’s been built around these truths dilutes what’s real. With the opening of the galactic realm to more and more people on Earth, methods of profound and direct healing are available that allow us to transform faster.

We’ve done a lot of this together, and so we have a deep understanding of the energetic inter-relatedness of the twin flame energy. We also have the experience of having been subconsciously energetically connected for thirty five years- that’s thirty two years longer than we even knew one another existed in real life!

Our service to the world lies in our willingness to use ourselves as guinea pigs for the healing we then get to offer others.


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