Earth is in a time of awakening, and as more and more individuals hear their calling, embrace this journey, and do the inner work to vibrationally ascend, we help the collective vibration to rise as well. It’s very helpful to have an understanding of the subtle energy system, and how it works, as we come into power of taking responsibility for our own healing, for our own experience on Earth, and for being of service to the mission our Soul chose to take for this life.  Each component of the energy system can tell us profound amounts of information about where we have the opportunity to bring more consciousness to our experience. If the goal we’re working toward is pure embodiment of light, or awakening, we have to clear out the dark to get there.


Consider your home.  There is furniture consciously placed, there are places where you know you can walk around, there are cabinets where you know where to find things, and there are also probably drawers and closets where things are stored and hidden.  There may be dust in corners or under things that haven’t been moved in a while. There may even be boxes hidden away where we vaguely remember things are stored, or even piles of old memorabilia we hardly remember at all! There may be a whole room, or a garage, filled with clutter from different phases of this lifetime. We tend to keep the areas of our home clear where we spend most of our time, and where other people might spent time with us. We make sure that our homes give us comfort, show off the image that we want people to associate with us, and easy to navigate through. We don’t typically choose to place a table in the middle of a walkway, and most of us wouldn’t buy a new set of furniture and pile it on top of the furniture set that’s already there. But we aren’t always so conscious about the parts of our house that other people don’t regularly see.


If we think of our bodies, physically or energetically, like our homes we tend to take the same approach. We’re conscious about the parts of us that we can see and about the parts we know other people can see. We may take steps to eat food that makes us feel good, to exercise, to have a particular appearance, and to act in a way that makes us feel good, and in the way we want people to perceive us. We’re conscious of the overt aspects of ourselves, but just as there are many aspects of our home we might not have full consciousness and a regular routine around, there are aspects of our energy system about which we have the same level of unconsciousness.


Part of the journey of awakening is about bringing full consciousness to all areas of our energy systems. In many cases, it might even be possible to begin this journey by bringing consciousness to the full breadth of one’s home and belongings. Our external circumstances often mirror the inner ones, but that is an article full of paradoxes and polarities to save for another day!


In each human being’s local energy system there are many channels which carry energy. In the Yogic tradition they are called Nadis. According to the ancient yogi’s, the Nadis are the channels through which Prana, the life force, flows through our subtle energy system.  The Hatha Yoga Pradipika states that there are 72,000 nadis, and they comprise the breadth of our most local individual energy system. Of these nadis, the major carrier of the life force is the Susumna Nadi, which is an energetic replica of the spine. The Ida (Feminine, Lunar, Yin) and Pingala (Masculine, Solar, Yang) nadis are the second two most important Nadis, and they begin at the base of the spine and spiral back and forth around the Susumna Nadi.  At each intersection of the Susumna, Ida, and Pingala nadis lies a Chakra.


The Chakras are vortexes of energy which correlate with various aspects of our physical bodies, emotional bodies, mental bodies, and overall experience in life. There are many chakras, however for the purpose of this article we’ll just mention the seven main chakras along the Susumna Nadi. They are simply described as follows.


  • First Chakra: Muladhara – Located at the base of the spine
  • Second Chakra: Svadisthana – Located in the lower abdomen below the belly button
  • Third Chakra: Manipura – Located at the solar plexus
  • Fourth Chakra: Anahata – Located at the heart
  • Fifth Chakra: VIsuddha – Located at the throat
  • Sixth Chakra: Ajna – Located at the forehead
  • Seventh Chakra: Sahasrara – Located at the crown of the head

The final aspect of the local energy system we’ll discuss in this series are the layers of the aura. The layers of the aura we’ll look at are listed below. They begin with the physical body and move outward.

  • Physical Layer: Energetic template that corresponds with the literal physical body as we experience it on Earth
  • Etheric Layer: Approximately two inches from the physical body outward
  • Emotional Layer: Corresponds with emotions
  • Mental Layer: Corresponds with thoughts
  • Buddhic Layer: Relates to intelligence of the Higher Self
  • Atmic Layer: Relates to the intelligence of Cosmic Law
  • Galactic Layer: Merges with the Galactic Energy of the Universe

Each of these aspects of the energy system can hold ‘clutter,’ and the journey of awakening asks us to bring consciousness to all areas of ourselves- physical and subtle- to release all that may be obscuring our ability to embody the purity of Spirit. We often refer to this as darkness, but all darkness means is that there is a place the light has not yet been shined. The process of clearing is simply allowing light, or consciousness, to shine on all aspects of ourselves. We allow that which is not working for our highest good to release, just like we’d give away clothes that no longer fit once we find them in that deep dark box in the basement, and we put a light in that place so from then on we know what lies there.


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