“Akasha” is a sanskrit word meaning ether, and it is used to describe the space between all things that we can perceive with our eyes.  The Akashic field refers to this space, which is actually filled with an energy network that holds all information about all things. With proper training and use of our “extra-senses,” we can tap into the Akashic field to gain a more broad perspective on our lives. Many techniques exist for accessing the Akashic field, and many highly sensitive souls find that they are partially tapped in to the Akashic field intuitively.

The Akashic Records are a primary aspects of our healing work, because from within this space we are able to gain a wider understanding of what may be going on with a particular person or situation.  Soul contracts, soul intentions, agreements, leftover energy from other lifetimes, the energy of all situations in this life and all other lives, and copious amounts of other details are available to gain from the Akashic field. When we understand from the level of the Soul why we are experiencing a particular challenge – whether that challenge be appearing in our lives as a physical/ health challenge, relationship challenge, career, financial, behavioral, emotional, psychological, or any other type of challenge – we can see whether the energy around that challenge can simply be transmuted, or if there is a particular energetic shift which needs to occur to move through it, if ancestral energy is causing it, if it’s a soul intention for this lifetime, or any number of other reasons accessible from the Akashic field.

From the perspective of life on Earth being a journey our Soul chose to take, we have the opportunity to take responsibility for all that has happened in our experiences of this lifetime, to move into a place of power with them, and intentionally live lives that are in alignment with our Soul, and the reasons our Soul chose to have this particular life on Earth.