The powerful gift of Alligator medicine is to fully appreciate and integrate all that life offers. Gator shows us the value of thoroughly digesting both the pleasures and pains of life. In many ways, Alligator’s medicine is reflected in its behavior. When Gator rolls under the water with its prey, its message is to roll with the punches when being attacked by life’s circumstances. Carefully storing its prey under a log until the meat is tender teaches us about patience and proper timing.
Choosing to laugh when tangled in your own seriousness can immediately diffuse the strangle hold of anger and judgments, self-importance and inflexibility. Once your rigidity is removed, you are free to again integrate the present set of circumstances, finding what you may have formerly overlooked. Then you can learn Gator’s lessons on how to digest the value of any life lesson.


Gator medicine people refrain from passing judgment until they have examined all the facts and seen all sides of any situation. It may be time to drop opinions and judgments so that the present situation can be fully understood. Gator might have surfaced in the river of your life to tell you to digest the situation at hand before making any rash moves. You could also be dealing with someone who is too serious or rigid. If this is the case, embrace your flexibility, knowing that you are expanding beyond your former limits, even if others are wallowing in their self-created quicksand.


Have you been rushing through life and not taking the time to count your victories or to digest your Rites of Passage? If so, it could be time to honor your progress, mindful that quick-fix solutions do not support long-term goals. Avoid getting stuck in the duality and quagmire of the human judgment game. Use calm resolve; review your healing process and life lessons, integrating the growth you have attained.


In all cases, Gator is telling you that something may have escaped your perception. Ask yourself what viewpoint or possibility did not get factored into your assessment. Did that missing piece of the puzzle keep you from having an accurate overview of what is now occurring? If so, it is never to late to reevaluate the situation from a more integrated and flexible point of view. Remember, Gator’s eyes and nostrils are often the only parts of its body above water while it senses its surroundings. Gator integrates all probabilities before it makes its move.


Contrary Alligator often signals a time to laugh in the face of conflict in order to survive. If Gator’s belly is floating exposed on top of the water, it could mean that rash actions or thoughtless words have put you in jeopardy. Gator’s treacherous jaws warn you not to fall prey to quick-fix solutions or schemes. If contrary Gator’s bite has severed an artery that fed you life force, a Band Aid will not cure your present situation. Integrate stable, long-term solutions and options.


If you have become inflexible or judgmental, detach from the muddied thinking or clouded feelings that have imprisoned you. In all cases, Gator reminds you to scan more than the surface, integrating all possibilities, potential risks, unexpected outcomes, and ultimate rewards. If you integrate all these viewpoints, it becomes easier to roll over and come out on top!


Excerpt from “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams & David Carson