“Blueprinters” is a word used to describe a type of Soul who is very connected to the evolution of Earth’s healing. We first learned this word from Susann Taylor Shier’s book, Soul Mastery, and realized that Blueprinters are the kind of souls we are, and were the kind of people we’d been drawn to work with all along! As we’ve journeyed more deeply into the energy, we’ve been guided over time to offer very specific healing for Blueprinter Souls.

Blueprinters are here on Earth with a mission…. to make the world a better place! Blueprinters know deeply, often from early childhood, that things here on Earth aren’t quite right. Many Blueprinters feel a strong calling to be a force for change in particular areas, however some Blueprinters also become so overwhelmed with the task that they feel like there’s no hope.

Blueprinters are highly sensitive, and can easily get stuck in polarization with the difficulties they’re here to help heal. Blueprinters are also very impacted by negativity, and many have been working for a very long time to help heal Earth.

There are a variety of types of Blueprinters; a few of them are:

  • Blueprint Originators: Souls who were part of the templating of what was originally meant for Earth. Originators that we’ve met in this particular lifetime just know. They’re very connected to Source and also deeply connected to Earth. Other teachers we’ve talked with have mentioned they’ve never met Originators on Earth in the present incarnation. The Originators that we’ve met have been so negatively impacted by the current vibration of Earth that they’ve spent time in extreme difficulties like addiction or alcoholism, and have been less likely to participate in healing communities.

  • Blueprint Deliverers: Souls who are very connected to the 5d and can easily channel brand new information to Earth, Deliverers are very innovative people who see solutions for the problems around them.

  • Blueprint Translators: Translators are wonderful at to taking ideas that seem impossible, or concepts that seem abstract, and bringing them into fruition and understanding on Earth.

  • Blueprint Designers: Highly creative souls who are working to change the vibration of Earth through music, art, architecture, and other creative expressions

  • Blueprint Technicians: Souls who are working in the nitty gritty details of Earth and yet know there’s far more going on in the galaxy… the gatekeeper at your housing community who seems to make everyone feel better, the roadcrew worker who lifts everyone’s spirits, the computer coder who’s working diligently to keep cyber space clear…. you get the idea

We don’t give a lot of power to labels, and as such we’re more interested in the true experience of individuals as opposed to connecting into abstract metaphysical paradigms. While our transformational work for Blueprinters is often channeled, it’s also grounded in reality and the experience of ourselves and other Blueprinters we’ve worked with.

Our Transformational webinars and classes for Blueprinters are a merging of subtle healing, energy work, and practical guidance.