Program of Multidimensional Spiritual Treatment for Addictive Patterns

Our program for sustained recovery from substance addiction guides people in reconnecting with their Soul Truth, and we do that through four entry points: the body, the mind, the heart, and the spirit. Because each individual is an absolutely unique culmination of ancestry, DNA, childhood experiences, life experiences, thoughts, feelings, fears, and wounds, our work focuses on the individual. Participants in Soul Recovery receive a personalized program for recovery which addresses their unique situation, integrates into their real life, and compliments their unique goals. For those living locally, sessions can be held in person. For those living elsewhere, we meet over video conference.  These programs are Spiritual in nature and target long term, sustained, inner growth integrated with real life. We suggest that participants have a minimum of 60 consecutive days of sobriety prior to enrolling in a Soul Recovery program.

No matter where you are, or what your situation, this can work for you!

90 Day Soul Recovery Intensive

90 Day Soul Recovery Intensive

Your 90 day Soul Recovery Intensive begins with a private session where we get to know you, and plan ...
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6 Month Soul Recovery Expansion

6 Month Soul Recovery Expansion

Aimed at expansion, the 6 month Soul Recovery program expands the intensive of the first 90 days into creating ...
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11 Month Soul Recovery Sustenance

11 Month Soul Recovery Sustenance

With ample time to dive into the depths of practices in alignment with your personal goals- physical, emotional, mental, ...
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We’re in a crisis, humanity that is, a crisis where millions of people are trapped in, or affected by, substance or behavioral addiction. Our program for recovery from substance addiction is grounded in Spirit, and begins with the belief that our addiction thrives in the space left open by our disconnection from the essential core of our Being.  You could call that core your Soul, a Higher Power, or simply the authenticity of you that’s been subverted by everything you’ve gone through in this life. What we call that which we’re disconnected from is irrelevant, what matters is that we acknowledge the disconnection and take steps to reconnect.

A demographic particularly affected by addiction are highly sensitive people (also called empaths, indigos, crystals, etc) who do not resonate with traditional clinical treatment methods. We tend to find something missing with many recovery programs, and even in the midst of sobriety, continue to feel as though we don’t belong. Soul Recovery addresses these unique qualities.

Many people struggling to release addictive patterns are obstructed by their degree of sensitivity; we literally feel the emotions, thoughts, and energies of others, and getting sober can be an overwhelming journey in the midst of this. In addition, this high degree of sensitivity is often something that others have made us feel bad about, or that makes us feel we’re just too different to be in the world. If this resonates with you, you are not alone!

We work with people from all walks of life, from CEO’s, to healers, to artists, to students, to people unsure of their path, and everything in between. Everyone is welcome, the affliction of addiction pays no attention to how our lives look in the world.

Entry Points for Healing

The Soul Recovery program guides clients on a journey of freedom from drug, alcohol, and behavioral addiction through body, mind, emotion, and soul, allowing blockages at all levels to be processed and cleared.

Physical (Recover the Body):  Integrative workouts, Qi Gong, Yoga, and Ayurveda are used in a conscious way to guide clients through healing at the physical level.  In addition to the benefits of detoxification and physical fitness, this component of Soul Recovery is used to identify and clear impacted emotion and psycho spiritual issues which reside in the physical body.  Diet, Herbs, Exercise, and Calming of the central nervous system and releasing of fascia tissue create a stable physical basis for the healing of mind, emotion, and spirit to follow.

Mental (Recover the Mind):  Meditation, Native Animal Medicine cards, and guided introspection are used to assist clients in identifying areas of human weakness associated with their addictive behaviors. The obsession with the mind is gradually released through teaching clients to identify their thought patterns, intervene in their own minds, and change resulting behaviors. Long term solutions are gained which clients come to rely on long after they leave treatment.

Emotional (Recover the Heart):  Guided journeys through emotions allow clients to gently identify and process points of pain and trauma which are stuck in the emotional body and hindering growth. Live music is often used to facilitate an emotional response to the vibration of wholeness and connection, which not only opens the emotional body but provides a gateway to the spiritual field. Clients are guided through an energy clearing process which allows the density of emotion to be released, reframes times of past emotional trauma, and sends an energy of clarity to the present. Clients are then left free to be more in the moment and respond to healing with greater receptivity.

Spiritual (Recover the Soul):  Clients are guided in connecting with their Highest Selves, and their Higher Power, through Emily and Robert’s intuitive abilities to bring the realm of Spirit to Earth. Emily works in the Akashic Field, which provides a holistic picture of each client from the time they were born. Past trauma, of which the client is usually not aware is illuminated and can be processed, and ancestral influences can be seen, which allow clients to release unconscious patterns at the level of their DNA. Robert uses the energy of Native Animal Medicine Cards learned at the mental level in combination with intuitive guidance from Spirit. As Emily and Robert help clients come to learn about and connect with a higher version of themselves, they become inspired to their life purpose at the level of the soul, and feel greater motivation to live in their truth following treatment.

Options for Everyone, no matter where you are

Individualized In Person and Online Program are available, orchestrated in a way that works with your real life. Choose any of the following frameworks:

  • 30 Day Intensive
  • 60 Day Expansion
  • 90 Day Sustenance

Within 24 hours of booking any program you will be contacted to schedule your first session, and your program will begin at the first appointment where we will get to know you and create an individualized plan that aligns with your particular addiction, challenges, life, interests, and goals.

Fine Print~
*Enrollment in any program does not guarantee sobriety; sobriety is contingent upon client participation and willingness
*The Soul Recovery programs are NOT clinical in nature and do not replace clinically supported detox or recovery programs which may be useful for clients needing clinically supervised services
*Soul Recovery is a spiritual program created through the personal experience and training of Emily Laine and Robert Layton. We do not claim to be accredited by any governing board
*Advanced Soul Recovery works with clients on an individual basis and creates highly customizated programs. It is each clients’ responsibility to participate in their program in order for collaboration and personalization to be effective
*Upon booking, we will do our best to schedule your first session, and thus the start of your program, within 10 days. The ‘first day’ of your program will correlate to your first session. All private sessions must be scheduled within the timeframe allocated to the program registered for
*We highly recommend participation in an appropriate 12 step program in conjunction with enrollment in the soul recovery programs