Living Sacredness Sadhana

With gentleness and consciousness, we

allow the Divine to move through us in

daily practice

Physical Sadhana through Yoga & Energy Movement

Mental Sadhana through Mantra & Meditation

Emotional Sadhana through Pranayama & Energy Work

Living Sadhana through the Sacred Spiral,

Ceremony, Jyana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga

The Living Sacredness Sadhana program provides space within

which all are welcome to participate as the rhythm of life calls

$10/ Month admits you to the space

5 Minutes a Day Engages You in the Practice

Honoring Your Life's Cycles, You're Invited to Circles as You're Called

Within The Space

Monthly Virtual Group Gatherings

Closed Virtual Community

Weekly Video Teachings in Sadhana Practices

Sacred Sadhana Begins

October 5