Multidimensional Transformation

Many are awakening to realities beyond the physical here on Earth. Returning to our natural state of intuition and awareness, we realize that so much more is going on than our 3d eyes often see. Multidimensional Transformation, in the way we work with it, is an expansion in consciousness of the energetics underlying the physical world, layers of our personal and collective energy fields, galactic energies, the soul over many lifetimes, and all the complexities and subtleties of the Soul.

Fundamental to our Multidimensional Work are both the awareness that in every moment of expansion there are always things we don’t know, and the willingness to take transformational responsibility for our personal situation from a place of sacred service. In other words, we allow the Highest Source to keep guiding us beyond what we know, and we stand in each quantum moment with the consciousness to be guided in the Highest path forward.

Our Multidimensional Work integrates the physical and subtle, and actually works with them as one in the same. As such we work with the physical wellness of the body, mind, and heart alongside energy practices ranging from clearing and attunement of the personal energy system to active past life and galactic clearing. We work with very High Beings, Shamanic Healing, Quantum Healing, Dynamic Energy Transmutation, Ayurveda, Yoga, Native Wisdom, the Akashic Records, Elements, and more.

Within all these dimensions we hold focus on the authentic expression of each individual Soul. Through dynamic energy clearing which helps to transform energy specifically related to the Soul’s journey and intentions in this life, we hold broad space for each Soul’s true gifts to be awakened and cultivated.

Presence within the Sacred Spiral of living on Earth grounds our Multidimensional Work, and a willingness to be a true part of the Sacred Whole, where no being is above another and no being is below another. Rather than seeking to transcend the physical realm, we seek to bring consciousness into the lives we’re actually living.

Our tendency as humans can be to seek one path which everything should align with, however, our experience is that there are as many paths as there are people, and there’s enough room in Source’s myriad expressions for all of us. Spirit manifests in more ways than we can possibly comprehend!

ASR’s Multidimensional Training Program is a ceremony for the awakening of your Soul. A tapestry of teachings integrating Native American Wisdom, Yoga, Energy Clearing, Embodiment Practices, and Evolving Awareness, each participant is most importantly supporting in seeing their unique gifts, the multidimensional reality of life as it’s already happening, and empowered in their personal intuition and expression.