Relationship challenges are extremely common for highly sensitive souls, people in recovery from addiction, empaths, and many people who come to work with us!

We view relationships from several different perspectives:

  • All relationships have some type of soul contract associated with them.  When we fully understand the nature of tIt’s ahe soul contract we have with a particular person, we can release ideas of the relationship needing to be something other than it actually is, and we can also come into consciousness with the lesson we are meant to draw from it, and the energy we are meant to put into it.  It’s very common for people to “lose” energy attempting to get a relationship to be something other than it is!
  • It’s also very common for people to use relationships, or other people, in an addictive way.  As we described in our writings about Spiritual Recovery, we view “addiction” as a disconnection from our essential Truth as Spirit.  Needing to control others, or relationships, is typically a means to avoid the same hole within. The same is true with allowing one’s self to be controlled by others.
  • It’s helpful to see that it is impossible for only one person in a relationship to be “unhealthy,” or “damaged.”  We enter relationships that are correspondent with our level of wounding, or our level of health.  Many people view themselves as the “healthy” one in a relationship and hold the perspective that their partner is the one who needs to change. When we shift our perspective to see that EVERYTHING in our lives is a reflection of our inner spiritual health, we can use these relationships as a catalyst for our own healing.

Healing within relationships is a beautifully rewarding process.  When we shift our perspective to view our partner as a Divine mirror for ourselves, we become free of all blame, struggle, resentment, and other lower vibration emotions. In combination with understanding the soul contract or agreement associated with a relationship, we can come to use our relationships as a means for healing ourselves, and in relationships where both partners are willing to participate in the process, for healing together.