90 Day Soul Recovery Sustenance

With ample time to dive into the depths of practices in alignment with your personal goals- physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual, the 90 day Sustenance program will build upon all offered in the 30 and 60 day programs, and guide you in integrating wellness into the depths of your being. Live fully.


  • 120 Minute First Session (In Person or Video Conference)
  • Personalized 60 day program for intensive change of addictive patterns including focused guidance on nutrition, physical fitness, emotional wellness, mental wellness, triggers and spiritual expansion
  • First 30 Days focus on reprogramming behaviors and patterns, releasing trauma, wounding, and reconnecting with a vibrant version of your Self
  • Second 30 days deepen the healing of the first 30 days and add focus and intention on stepping into a full and peaceful life out of addiction
  • Third 30 days continue and deepen the healing of the first 60 days and add intentional living methods for sustained long term change
  • 35 Hour long private appointments (In Person or Video Conference)
  • Daily connection and support through whatever method is appropriate (phone, email, video, in person)
  • Daily guided meditations delivered via email
  • Closing session on day 90 to set intentions for moving forward in your life