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I have been constantly thinking about your visit and some of the topics we talked about. I feel that a lot of things I struggle with in life deal with not being able to properly identify those energies or how to handle them, and I felt an amazing shift after working with you. You seem very wise and knowledgeable about these sorts of things. Your visit was one of the most memorable for sure! (Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers)


I feel better, I feel stronger….  I am still quite conscious that so much work is in front of me…but I am feeling much more confident in my ability to do it… Thank you so much for that and everything! (Akashic Healing for Women)


Ayurvedic Healing has been so powerful for me. I LOVED the therapies… the physical touch really helped reveal physical and emotional feelings. And I felt supported the entire way through, even when I was extremely uncomfortable with my journey. The program has changed me for the better. (Ayurvedic Immersion)


I felt so supported through working with Emily. She was able to help me see areas of my life where I didn’t even realize I needed help changing, and her emails and constant correspondence helped me stay on track during some hectic times. I have new perspective on how to handle challenge. (Ayurvedic Immersion)


After years of struggling through pain in my body, Yoga Monks has given me freedom. Ever since my second class I’ve been pain free, and the more I do the better it gets! (Yoga Monks)


What an amazing experience!
I have never slept so soundly!
I even have noticed a shift with my family!

(Akashic Healing for Women)


I absolutely LOVED your class today, and I haven’t been able to stop reading about Ayurveda since. I think what made me especially receptive to today’s teachings was the meditation you led us through in the beginning of class. Thank you. (Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers)


I loved being part of this workshop. I have never been so calm and centered. But as you noted in class, we are tested when we begin to elevate our consciousness and I have been routinely tested this past week. What I noticed most was how I physically felt the blocks or pain in the other people when we were clearing them. It was so powerful in my body. When I work with clients I can feel where they are tight inside their muscles and bodies. Just by touching or looking at them my mind/consciousness goes right to the pain in their body. I am comfortable with this intuitive talent, but before this class I was not really aware of it! I am fascinated by this aspect of myself and what I learned in the class, and am so excited to explore this more fully. (Intuitive Healing Workshop)


This course helps us explore our abilities and energetic bodies in a way that we have been looking for our entire lives. Emily and Robert create a remarkable sacred space for us to bare our souls and open ourselves up to learning, receiving, and growing in a way that is essential for those of us seeking to strengthen our intuitive abilities and our connection to Spirit. I have never felt safer, more welcome, and more understood than in this group. You are able to explore your intuitive abilities in a place with immense respect and love, free from any judgment; this is critical. Emily and Robert have created a course (and space) where we can truly grow spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. (Intuitive Healing Workshop)



I’ve gone to treatment for substance abuse six times, and I’ve never had a shift that allowed me to really break free of the wounding that kept me closed in the cycle of addiction. I don’t know if it’s just that I was ready before, but I do know that I’ve never experienced anything like the work these teachers do. They saw right into my soul and told me things about myself I’d never even said out loud before. It was so powerful to be validated at the level of my soul. Thank you so much for helping me become free. (Soul Recovery for Addiction)


My childhood was atrocious, and I’ve done a lot of work with therapists on trying to heal, but what I now understand after working with Emily and Robert is that I never dealt with the energy of my past. It was still living within me, and coming out in my weight, my digestion, and in the way I interact with people. I was trying so hard to live a full life when so much of me was blocked and shut down. I can’t believe the change. Some of it has been slow, some of it has been fast, but overall I am more peaceful and content than ever before. I’m no longer in fear all the time, and when I am in fear I’m able to tell if it’s about something that’s really going on, or about something that happened a long time ago. (Akashic Healing for Women)


I did the Soul Recovery program for Addiction while I was in treatment, and I think it’s the only reason I stayed and actually got sober. Having constant support and encouragement, along with the guidance Emily and Robert are able to access for us from our Higher Self, is so helpful. It’s not that we can’t access it ourselves, it’s just that in addiction we disconnect, and so they help bridge the gap that we can’t access until we get clear. I’m so grateful. My life is beyond anything I could have ever imaged! (Soul Recovery for Addiction)