I felt so good… what happened!??

Current times are vibrationally chaotic, and if we forget to be in awareness of the collective, we can begin to mistakenly take personally energy that is not really ours. The truth is we are a vibrational collective. “We,” meaning everything… humans, animals, trees, plants, the earth, and all the subtle beings that exist around us. The illusion where we as humans often begin, is believing that we are distinct, individuals, and not connected to the people around us or the environment we live in. As we awaken to more subtle truths, we come to understand our interconnectedness more and more fully. Perhaps we begin to feel the energy of other people, perhaps we realize that time in nature de-charges us, perhaps we come to understand that particular vibrations make us feel better than others. The entry point is different for everyone, and no one path on the journey of awakening is any better or more valuable than another. How boring life on Earth would be if there were a standard template of awakening to follow!  Where is the adventure in that!

At the beginning of the journey of awakening, we can think that we will feel the ecstasy of that first “knowing” forever. We can think we’ve arrived, and that we suddenly know all there is to understand in the universe. For some, it is true that awakening is a sudden lightning bolt experience, for the vast majority of the rest of us, it is something that happens gradually, over time, and is interwoven with challenges that give us the opportunity to learn our soul lessons.  The more we journey toward our subtle truth, the more sensitive we become to energies around us, the more impacted we are by what is going on in the world.

It can feel very scary at times. We say yes to this path, and we may feel wonderful for a while and believe that our lives will only get better and better. Then suddenly something dark comes, and we don’t know what happened! There are many powerful, effective, and precise tools we can use to work through these things, and the gift is that we become more and more powerful along the way.

Clearing our energy fields is an important part of this journey. Often times, physical and emotional pain, negativity, challenging thought patterns, and other suffering we experience are not ours at all. We begin to experience the collective at a personal level, and if we are not aware of what’s ours and what’s not, we can spiral in suffering that is unnecessary.  If we attempt to solve these problems with traditional medicine, we can end up being diagnosed with diseases we don’t have, or taking medication we don’t need.

This does not make us victims!  In fact, our ability to experience collective suffering at the personal level gives us the opportunity to see more clearly, and the corresponding power to clear that energy within ourselves, and to send that vibration of clearing outward. We can become transmitters of healing without ever needing to say a word!

People often ask what “clearing” means. It’s essentially the same as detoxifying the body, however it’s done at the subtle level.

At a high level, our personal energy systems each consist of layers of energy.  The most dense is at the physical layer, correspondent with the body. The etheric layer extends several inches outward of the physical layer.  The emotional layer is next, followed by the mental layer, the buddic layer, the atmic layer, and the galactic layer.  These can be correlated to the koshas described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Within the subtle layers of our aura, we can experience the energies of others, we hold energies from our families and ancestries, we hold energies from past life experiences, we can experience obstructions that are imposed from ourselves and from others. To clear these away, we need only to see that they are there, and ask for them to be removed.  Subtle beings are helpful to work with when clearing our energy fields. Archangel Michael, for example, is wonderfully helpful in general clearing and protection.

As we practice clearing, it will become easier to intuitively feel, see, know, and understand what we are experiencing, and we can begin to interact with our subtle energy fields as intuitively as we would exercise or eat food to help our bodies feel better. When our bodies catch germs and we become sick, we rest, eat well, and support our bodies to heal.  We need only upgrade our awareness and personal power to begin to understand when our energy fields pick up “germs” from others, and stay clear to feel healthy at the subtle level as well.

All wellness is within our reach, we simply need to allow ourselves to be more in tune with our intuition and subtle senses, and learn the tools to navigate the subtle realm with the same finesse we may walk around the physical world!



The Dust Settles, for now…

We’ve been busy over the last fifteen months since beginning the full time phase of our twin flame union, like really, really, busy. Despite the amazing guidance of various twin flame guides, we were not prepared for the 3d experience of a what the Universe threw at us. We were also completely committed to being together, and to doing whatever was needed for that to become a harmonious experience. So we’ve learned a lot along the way, and we’re grateful that through it all we have both had an unfailing knowing at the level of the soul that we’re on the right path.

Now that a lot of the bigger obstructions that hindered our way have softened or cleared, we’d like to begin sharing some of our experience. There are things we went through for which we could not find guidance anywhere, and we know that these are some of the particular nuances we’re meant to offer others.

The ego smashing is the worst part… and what we mean by that is all the subtle ways we had to recognize our egos manifesting as the Universe brought about situation after situation to reveal them. We both REALLY fought this process, and instead of just surrendering to be cleansed, we fought, blamed others, justified ourselves, and energetically ran away from one another. None of this worked when all we both wanted was to be together, peacefully, and neither of us were willing to surrender to enabling the others’ less clear ways of being!

So while we’ve been together for fifteen months, we’ve also both been on our individual journeys of clearing and healing. We have been physically together this whole time, but on an energetic level we’ve separated and come back together with more clarity over and over again. Along the way our shared soul work has carried us through. Even in times of energetic distance, we have always been able to come together as healers and put aside all ego and pettiness to be of service where we’re called.

In these moments from where we write this, our experience of gratitude, humility, acceptance, and peace, is beyond anything either of us have ever experienced before. It’s ironic, because both of us previously lived spiritual lives, were known in various circles as wonderful healers, and were people others aspired to be like! And in those past times we both really were living spiritual lives to the best of our abilities, yet lived in circumstances where the less clear parts of ourselves were enabled, justified, or allowed to remain below the surface. No longer! And despite the pain it took for them to clear, our gratitude for freedom from these things abounds.

We know that this time of peace is not the end of all struggle, that there are still more things to clear, that more will be revealed along the way. Life on Earth keeps going on, but there are things we understand now which we find to be profound.

One of the major energetic shifts that we have come to an intimate understanding with is the projection of our own energy to others for the purpose of satiating our own egos, however subtle. We’ve come to understand this mainly through the pain each of us feel when someone else comes along and does the same thing to us.  It happens everywhere, is even spiritualized in many circles. At this point we’ve shielded ourselves enough that ripples can no longer be caused, and we’ve purified our own senses of self to no longer need energetic feedback or validation in the same way from others on the Earth plane. Yet people still sometimes try to probe us for their own feedback. It’s especially harmful and strong between the sexes, and we regularly notice that men shoot their energy into Emily and women shoot their energy into Robert, and the feeling of being violated is profound.  Energetic clarity in this way is a big part of our soul work on Earth, and we are looking forward to sharing more.

We have also come to a deep understanding of old ancestral masculine and feminine templates, especially related to relationship and family. Both of our ancestries contain a significant amount of imbalance in this way, and we’ll be writing more about templates of normalized psychological abuse and other unclear relational behaviors that over time have come to be acceptable ways of living within the collective. We are intimately familiar with the brain patterns associated with this, with implants and external/alien/galactic energies that pray on these weaknesses, and with the processes of clearing, strengthening and healing one’s self after becoming free from such external imbalance.

And there is so much more……

One of the most amazing factors in all of this is that clearing in ourselves all that we wanted to resist is exactly the process that’s led us to understand the very specific healing techniques which directly target these issues. There’s no more grasping to call white light into our aura for protection, there’s no more desperately praying for something to be taken away, there’s no more self flagellation for not being able to heal recurring problems.  Healing techniques and religious systems of old are amazing, and within every one of them are seeds of profound truth, however we’ve found that buying into all that’s been built around these truths dilutes what’s real. With the opening of the galactic realm to more and more people on Earth, methods of profound and direct healing are available that allow us to transform faster.

We’ve done a lot of this together, and so we have a deep understanding of the energetic inter-relatedness of the twin flame energy. We also have the experience of having been subconsciously energetically connected for thirty five years- that’s thirty two years longer than we even knew one another existed in real life!

Our service to the world lies in our willingness to use ourselves as guinea pigs for the healing we then get to offer others.


Sacred Feminine Chakra Healing

Feeling the root chakra grounded into the source energy of the Universe, available to float where I’m guided, trusting that all factors of my physical experience on Earth will be cared for in return for freeing myself to be of service wherever I am led…..

Experiencing the full vibration of creativity which naturally flows from my womb, my second chakra, that place designed to create and bring forth magnificence to the world as shakti dances at the core and delightful uniqueness beyond my wildest dreams is born….

Embodying these vibrations of Divine Truth, knowing there is always more to come, knowing there is always more to clear, knowing there is always a layer yet to be seen, gratitude overflows.  How absolutely magnificent to be living a Spiritual life on Earth!

And yet there have been times along the way of great struggle, great suffering, great pain, and great resistance. I have identified with vibrations that I never in a million years considered could be transformed, there have been layers of resistance within me that I didn’t even know were there, and yet here I am, looking back over this journey so far and finding it strange to have ever been where I’ve was in those times.

Other wounds are far closer. Still open in places, healing, and easily ripped a little apart with the slightest agitation.

Having grown up in a very ‘normal’ place, being born into an ancestry with dense masculine/feminine imbalance, having been raised in a vibration that was cut off from the feminine as Divine Form, there has been quite a lot of energy from which I’ve become free. The first and second chakras have been dominated with fear of financial and economic insecurity, fear that there was something wrong with the authentic vibration of me, fear that if I don’t buy in to the ‘old’ way of life and masculine/feminine interaction I’ll be harmed in some way, manipulative energies laid on top of my authenticity used to elicit reactions from others that would allow me to get my lower self way, and the list goes on.

The journey of allowing myself to bring these less than admirable traits to the light, to understand that many of them had little to do with me, and more to do with my ancestry, past lives, other energies, and the collective consciousness on Earth, and that in fact I came here specifically to experience them, bring them up to clear, and have the new experience of, being free…. it has been one of the most brilliant transformation.

I am so grateful to be on this path, to use myself as a science experience on this journey to the light, to find out what works and what doesn’t, to continually see new levels of resistance in myself, to see new levels of growth in myself, and in doing all of this have so much to offer the women around me.

The next step of our journey together will be the third and fourth chakras, and as time moves forward to February 19th, I find that there are more and more pieces of myself coming to the light to be cleared. My heart is opening more and more, and I am so excited to offer a space for us all to have this transformation together- in whatever way is needed for each of us.

We are not alone.  I can’t wait to hear your stories. I can’t wait to hear what you each have to share!



12 Steps for Twin Flame Union

There are many tools that we have found to be helpful in digesting and processing all that comes up to be healed on this Twin Flame Journey. Each of our previous spiritual practices and training have been invaluable, in addition to the amazing work of twinflamehealers.com, however a tool that we both use at the ground level below all of this are the 12 steps used in many recovery programs. Since we both work a program of recovery and have done so prior to coming into union, this has been an intuitive process for us both, and we’d like to share how we’ve modified it for the twin journey.

  1. We admitted we were powerless over our Twin, and life is unmanageable
  2. We came to believe that only God/Spirit/Creator could restore us to sanity
  3. We made a decision to turn All Parts of Us over to the care of God/Spirit/Creator
  4. We made a searching and fearless inventory of what has come up in us to be transformed
  5. We admitted to God/Spirit/Creator, and to each other when appropriate, the exact nature of what has surfaced
  6. We became entirely ready to have these things removed
  7. We asked for God/Spirit/Creator to remove all that was keeping us at a lower vibration, and did whatever work we were guided to do for clearing
  8. We came to understand harms previously done by what was cleared
  9. We made direct amends to any person harmed, and made living amends by maintaining a higher, more conscious, vibration in our Being
  10. We continue to take personal inventory, and when there is more clearing to do, we promptly take responsibility to do it
  11. We continually seek through prayer and meditation and spiritual practice to improve our alignment and integration with our Higher Selves
  12. Having had continual spiritual awakenings as a result of these steps, we carry this message to others struggling on this journey and practice these principles in all our affairs

Labels on the Twin Flame Journey

Over the last two years of our own twin flame journey, and recently in other twin flames we’ve worked with, we have seen a tendency to label one other with various psychological terms, condemn the others behavior and wrap it up neatly in a pathological box, or use recovery jargon to justify why the relationship will never work and shut the other person out. Since what we’ve experienced is that this NEVER works, we’d like to share some of the wisdom we’ve gained along the way in hopes that our mistakes can help others avoid the same pain and suffering.

Let’s back up a bit and look at the bigger picture. Every one of us is operating under the influence of an infinitely complex array of factors from our own childhood upbringing and conditioning, choices (both conscious and unconscious) we’ve made in this life, ancestral energies embedded in our DNA, energies and agreements from past lives we have no idea are playing out in this life, wounds from this life and past lives, choices we made at the level of the soul before ever even incarnating in this particular life, energies we empathically suck in from the people around us, etheric energies from around the galaxy, and on and on and on. Psychology simply does not account for the reality of how much is going on in the twin flame journey, OR for the rapid rate at which we begin transforming once we accept our Soul’s Path as a twin flame. Thank all the forces of good in the universe for our teachers Jill and Remi who have guided us in understanding some of all that we were previously unable to see!

As we now understand it, every one of us is a unique Soul with an absolutely unique reason for being here and an absolutely unique set of all the energies listed above to transcend. That said, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE OTHER THAN YOU knows the path to your own healing. That includes therapists, psychologists, spiritual teachers, and any other helper- and most especially the ones who tell you that they KNOW what you need to do, or who attach strings to you needing to do things their way. No one has the answer, because no one knows the complete picture of you as a being from the eyes of your soul. That journey is for each us of to become our own truth. This is the journey that will not only heal each of us individually, that will heal our twin and our relationship with our twin, but heal the world as well.

This is what we understand as to why we are here. We are here to take this journey within ourselves so that our inner transformation can reverberate around the globe and heal others as well. It all begins within.

One of the most challenging experiences on the twin flame journey is to see everything that’s wrong with our twin, and instead of harping on them to change, to shift our focus to ourselves and find what within ME is playing out here? What within me needs to be healed? We have found that the most glaring imperfections we see in one another are exactly the things we’re avoiding or justifying in ourselves. Ouch.

But what’s awesome is that it’s not personal. When we rise above the smaller self, when we rise above the ego and see that we came here specifically to experience these things, specifically to internalize them so they can be revealed and transformed, we are all in ultimate service to the Greater Good. We are the ultimate soul scientists using our 3d selves as the experiment. The more and more we connect with the Higher Self, the more rapidly we change, the more rapidly the world around us transforms. And all of us know that this world needs to change.

All that said, this journey is still hard. In the depths of a conflict where our twin appears to threaten our security, our identity, our valued sense of self, our relationships, or the whole life we’ve worked so hard to build, or the life we so desperately desire, of course we freak out. Of course we label them and find excuses for why it will never work. Of course we want to run away.  We’re in human bodies on earth, trapped in a linear existence where most of the bigger soul picture is obscured by the density of five elements and the collective consciousness of a world only on the verge of perceiving the truth of all that is really real. And this is where we make a choice. Fall back asleep or reach higher. Shut down or move powerfully forward. Point the finger outward or humbly look within. Own the Highest Self and clear all that stands in the way. Feel the emotions or find another way to avoid. Become a sheep to someone else’s path, or honor the brilliant truth within.

We have found that all behavior we could label in the other and use as an excuse to run away is transformed by our own inner healing. We turn the great eye within and ask “what is this bringing up in me to be healed?” And then we do that work. When the emotions are too hard to handle, we give them to Creator. When we can’t see the path forward, we ask Creator for guidance. And we do our best to approach one another from a vibration of unconditional love.

Our teacher Jill says that when we meet our twin it’s like our Soul path intersecting with the life path we’ve been living, and all the places the 3d hasn’t been in alignment with the soul are shot to the surface to be undone.  The more and more we come to acceptance of this, to willingly release all that is not of our Highest Good, the more we walk this path with grace and experience the Divine Light of Source in every moment of our being.

Profound Healing on the Twin Flame Journey

Our teachers, Jill and Remi at twinflamehealers.com, have emphasized the importance of “Mission” on the twin flame journey since we began working with them last year, and this website is one manifestation of just that! Robert and I have very much come to experience in ourselves that the best antidote for the rollercoaster of emotions that can come with this particular relationship is to be doing the soul work we came here to do.  Along the way it’s been challenging for us both to understand just what the work is supposed to look like, and, especially in times of deep clearing within and between us, to have focus on being out in the world in this way.

When a deep childhood wound, or an ancestral template, or a past life issue, or anything else is triggered and comes up to be healed the experience can feel very overwhelming.  Especially in the beginning, before we had an understanding of what was really going on, our tendency was to blame each other and view the emotional intensity as a result of how the other was behaving.  But now having gone through this enough times, we very quickly can go inside ourselves and discover what it is that’s causing the pain.  Often, it’s as simple as being rigorously honest about the root of what’s coming up, and most of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with the present moment.

How fascinating it is to see that so much of what may come out in any moment has more to do with other moments than the one we’re in!!  And so we do the work to heal and clear in ourselves, and more and more find ourselves present in the NOW.

There have been times when we’ve both felt totally drowned by the intensity of emotion that comes when there are big things to heal, and we both have a base fight or flight reaction… Robert to fight, me to fly…. and a variety of old ways of being that it would be very easy to fall back on.  We have had to work very hard to bring consciousness to the critical moment of reaction, to breathe through this reaction, and to stay in softness allowing the intensity to pass… and this is when healing has the opportunity to occur.

It’s also when we learn the most, when we transform the most, and when we get to experience the profound healing work that is what we’re meant to spread on Earth.  Avoidance only keeps us small.

And so we come to Mission.  Robert and I have found that absolutely NOTHING that we go through is for nothing! Anything that we are experiencing is actually part of mission, is something we chose to go through on a soul level before entering these bodies, and gives us the experience to be more fully in service to others.

The journey is inexplicably beautiful, especially when we accept it for what it is- letting go of all desires for things to be some other way, letting go of all ideas that things should be other than they are, and softening into the gift of transformation and ascension that is the result of this acceptance.  There are many paths to God, perhaps as many paths as there are beings on the planet, and accepting the one that we chose before getting here results in the most profound joy, the most complete fulfillment, and a bliss that can’t be described in words.

Blessings to all in living YOUR journey, YOUR truth, and coming to oneness with the expansiveness of YOUR soul!

Welcome to ASR

Those of you on this journey of soul healing, and especially those on a twin flame journey, know how fast things change.  We come to that moment in life when there is literally no other choice than to accept the calling of Spirit and to follow whatever path is laid before us.  Even if there is no path to be seen.  We cry and scream at the Universe, we struggle to release the way we thought things would be, we shut down in defiance, we try to do it our way.  Then we learn to surrender, to trust, to be in THIS moment instead of the one back there or the one we imagine ahead.  We do the healing, we release whatever it was, we allow truth to come in, and we find out that who we are afterward is way better than anything we could have imagined or created ourselves. And then we rinse and repeat when the next big thing comes up to be transformed.


I (Emily) can say for myself, this journey is what my life has always been about- even before I had any inkling of conscious thought that I was a twin flame or realized there was a very specific, amazing, magical, being out there who is absolutely perfect for me.  Even though I always knew, if you know what I mean….

That beautiful being, Robert, and I, have known one another in this physical existence since early in 2015, and we have been through a journey thus far that, against all odds, continues to blossom and grow into more than either of us could even have imagined.  Though our relationship is truly the most magnificent experience of my life, our union is about so much more.  So, we’ve started Advanced Soul Recovery and published this website because part of the work we are meant to do on this planet is to help others come more fully into their own truth, to connect more fully with the soul.

So here we are; we’re here to help.  If you feel compelled to work with us, send us an email.  Once our workshops and virtual healings are live, join us or check out our work if you feel called.

We’ll look forward to meeting you in exactly the moment it was always meant to happen 🙂