Yoga Sadhana

Emily was called to Yoga in her early twenties through spontaneous clairaudient experiences of sanskrit mantras. She honestly thought she was crazy until she discovered that the sounds in her head were actually a language and actually meant something!

Her path in the study and practice of yoga began in the Jivamukti and Anusara traditions and moved through the popular Power Yoga practices. In her mid-twenties she discovered the Self Realization Fellowship and began studying the teachings of Yogananda, finding that through connection with Mahavatar Babaji she was given direct teachings in the movement of energy in asana and pranayama practices, and the ability to move that energy independent of those practices.

During travels to Sri Lanka and India, Emily met her 3d teachers in the Kriya Yoga traditions and also learned the medicines of Ayurveda.

Yoga Sadhana is an evolving practice of self realization, conscious living on Earth, and awakening, ultimately revealing the spontaneous experience of OM. Through deepening into asana, mantra, pranayama, ayurvedic medicine practices, jyana yoga, deity yoga, bhakti yoga, we come to realize Source.

“People think that they are very intelligent, but if they try to understand very seriously, they realize perfectly that nothing is happening according to their intellect.” ~Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission

Emily’s experience and teachings in Yoga Sadhana are the foundational perspective through which she teaches Multidimensional Transformation and Energy Work.

The Living Sacredness Sadhana program is a long term guide to personal practices for awakening.

Living Sacredness Sadhana

  • Physical Sadhana through Yoga & Energy Movement
  • Mental Sadhana through Mantra & Meditation
  • Emotional Sadhana through Pranayama & Energy Work
  • Living Sadhana through the Sacred Spiral, Native Ceremony, Jyana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga