ASR-A small black bear (Ursus americanus) looks up as it pauses from

A Wonderland of Winter Blues

A Wonderland Of Winter Blues

The bear guided me to move to a place up north where the bear hibernates all winter. I came right before hibernation began. I have been hibernating for some time now. Dreaming of the Spring until I can go out in nature, taking hikes, going to the lake and feeling the sand on my feet. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the spring to come. I became angry at the cold. 

The cold numbs you out. Your face literally freezes. But I cannot wait until spring to have fun. I cannot wait until spring to enjoy my life. Because spring may never come. Well the seasons will change. But I was made to come out of hibernation, not stay in it. I was made to hibernate so I can come out into the world. I need to embrace the seasons of my soul instead of fighting them. I am here for a reason. My life is slow for a reason. Or it appears to be moving slow but it is actually moving really quickly. So that when spring comes, so will a new life. 

But the new life starts now. Instead of resisting the cold and getting angry about it. Being resentful for being stuck inside. I put my big girl pants on today and took a walk in 18 degrees. After the initial shock I got warm. I looked up at the beautiful blue sky around me. The clouds were so fluffy they almost looked edible. Like I could just bounce on them. 

The trees, although they were bear were still holding me in a tight space. I found a feather – a gift from spirit letting me know I am being watched over and everything will just be fine. Just trust the process. The snow beneath my feet. I have been looking at the snow for several months now. And today was the first day, I noticed its purity and its crystallization. It was so beautiful. It glistened like glitter. And the other night I watched it so softly trickle down from the sky. The snow is so white, so clear, so pure. It is like magic crystals. I just could not see the magic because I was so blocked by the cold darkness. 

But the magic is clear. I guess the moral of the story is that there is beauty in all things. In all seasons, in all climates. We cannot live for an endless summer for things must change and evolve for us to grow. We must continue to plant new seeds as the old ones die out. We must nurture our roots yet grow our branches and grow new leaves every season. Life goes on. We must learn to make the best of everything no matter what comes our way. 

We can choose to experience winter as ugly and cold or we can choose to experience it as pure beauty and magic and being basked in crystals. More times often than not, it is both !  

Enjoy the magic and beauty of precisely where you are. It will be better than your wildest dreams. But you need to embrace the changes as they come. The shifts in reality. You can always come back to nature, but you will and have evolved as well. We must continue to make space, let go of the old and embrace the new as the consciousness of our evolution expands out to the ether. 

More magic awaits on the other side. You just have to get through the mud to see it at times. 

Trust the Process it will be better than you think, more magical than you could ever dream of! 

Winter can be a wonderland or it can be dark, usually an integration of both exists. Embrace the weather and the seasons of your soul. You’ll be glad you did because the magic is so evidently real and right at your doorstep ! Remember, life is a journey not a destination. 🙂 

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