Gratitude Without Attachment

As we travel the macro-evolution of the Universe transforming all that is on Earth, we are asked more and more to live in the moment without judgement or grasping of the past and without fear or anxiety of the future. We are asked to embrace the medicine of Pusila Sapa, who ventures into the unknown with absolute trust.

The anthropomorphic nature of our human existence in the Universe has saturated Earth with a concentration of self centeredness that weaves its vines even through our Spiritual Work. Me, me, me, we find, is at the center of so many journeys on which we embark!

Threads of intention, while well meaning, may at their initiation have an invisible root in the wounding of lower self, pulsating with a desperation to be seen, valued, taken care of, recognized, validated.

We insatiably seek through the lens of patriarchal infused religious systems to be taken care of, saved, chosen, revealed as sacred, by that which is out there. Yet that lens has blinded us as a species to the innate worth that is already in every energy flow which exists.

In accepting our innate worth as part of the flow of the Universe, there is absolutely no possibility that anything will be anything other than ok, and in fact Divinely supported. This is a knowing which deepens with our willingness to surrender, to an absolute trust alive in the tiniest spark of every cell.

Dissolving the attachment to markers in the physical world which humanity has, itself, come to worship as signs of worth, frees us to be in the cosmic magic of every moment and the reality that in every moment all is taken care of.

Does a tree lay awake in panic that in the morning the sun may not rise and provide its daytime sustenance?

Settling into the expansive comforts present in every single moment, we can begin to see with new eyes that underlying the energy flows of humanity’s evolution there are qualities of energy representative of tamas (ignorance), rajas (movement), and sattva (enlightenment), and that our awakening is simply a collective return to the wholeness of What Is… OM.

Attachment arises from fear and lower emotions which are not yet in full, embodied, knowing of our spiritual existence. These aspects of self, living in the illusion of Ahamkara, are under the impression that Divine Care is not everything and everywhere. An expression of tamas, in spite of their ignorance these parts of self are still, at their source, source!

When we begin to bring the nurturing of those aspects of self which have understood sattva (enlightenment) through rajasic (active) nurturing and self care, to the parts of self which might feel ignorant of that, we help our embodied energy systems to integrate into a more full experience of safety in source.

Beyond the mind we journey, realizing that our meditation techniques were wonderful for transforming our perspective but may not have awakened the cellular experience of our lives!

Through radical love of Higher Self, we become willing to prostrate ourselves before the transformative process of the Awakening Divine, gradually releasing the love of lower self and all it’s machinations of desperately seeking the execution of timelines orchestrated by the ego.

When our spiritual work results in the lower parts of self screaming “all is lost!”, we see that it is only the Divine giving us the opportunity to bring those part of self into the fold of Divine knowing.

Divine knowing KNOWS that all is always evolving, lives in gratitude for the cosmic magic of every amalgamation of life at all moments, trusts that the comforts of each moment are always there, and realizes that the attachment of our lower selves to a particular convergence of events is simply an opportunity for the awakening of a lower part of self.

When we see these parts of self, we exclaim, “Beloved! I’ve missed you, please come warm yourself by the fire of our sacred vigil to Divine Life. All is well. All that you need is here.”

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  1. The picture alone brought me to tears. You captured the moment I find myself in on this journey of soul. Letting Go! Love Is! Don’t just do something, sit there.

  2. Such an eloquent and inspiring description of the expanding awareness of the Divine through our lives and all of life! Much gratitude! 🙏🏼

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