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Blueprinter Awakening

It’s no small feat, transforming the deeply ingrained templating of how things have been on Earth, and trusting that all the destruction which occurs in the process is actually of the Highest Good. There’s such a difference between knowing and seeing what is meant to happen, or even what is going to happen, and actually living through it.

Many are aware of the cellular transformation, the change in DNA, which is occurring within humanity, and especially within Advanced Souls. Various soul groups appear to experience the evolution in different ways, and those who are Blueprinters and very specifically connected into the purification of the Earth Blueprint tend to go through very extreme personal upheaval in service of the greater transformation.

While our connection to, and awareness of, the subtle realm, 5d, 9d, 12d, and beyond are all extremely important for the process, actually embodying the transformation tends to cause, for many, an experience akin to mother earth erupting a volcano, unleashing a tidal wave, ripping a tornado, and disrupting the foundation with an earthquake, all at the same time.

New Age Spiritual teachings which purport that “being spiritual” is evidenced by a harmonious flow through life without any suffering can cause a cognitive and embodied dissonance for many, and increase our resistance to allowing old energetics and all that is connected with them to be destroyed. Our fear of allowing that which we have been shown to actually manifest may amplify suffering in the process.

Cellular transformation requires a deep surrender, which can be challenging when the energetics being cleared away are connected to people, places, and things that we are attached to. Buddhist and Yogic teachings both hold at their core the concept of non-attachment, and much of the physiological evolution on Earth is asking of Advanced Souls an allowing of non-attachment not just at the head level, but in the body as well.

When we resist transformation, try to control the transformation, seek to put a box around the transformation, or even use the transformation as a source of identity, we’re keeping a toe dipped into the old waters. The individual I must be cleared away for the new blueprint to truly sweep around the Earth. What some refer to as Unity Consciousness does not just pertain to a particular group of people! Unity Consciousness is the manifestation of “All My Relations,” the two leggeds, winged ones, tall standing ones, creepy crawlies, all those with roots, the stone people, the four leggeds, and all that is a part of everything.

In gauging my own state of being, I often consider where I’m perceiving a difference between myself and a tree…. that’s where it’s my work to clear illusion away!

Clearing the illusion at the head level can be easy, but what about clearing out energies deeply embedded in our cellular structure, energies encoded in ancestral DNA, energies hidden in the force of habit or in the unconscious rhythms of existence? These can be at the root of physical symptoms, and our willingness to surrender to transformation within physically manifested energy is paramount to the collective awakening.

OM is the Source Vibration, and in all ways which we can gently allow ourselves to exist in that vibration, the more we become an embodiment of Sacred Truth, which can move through our individual embodiment into All Our Relations with whom we are inextricably connected.

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  1. Thank you for this reminder of the importance of surrender, of walking each step deeply in Spirit, especially in those moments of suffering and struggle.

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